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When will you take action?

When will you take action?
By Ash Lamb • Issue #43 • View online

Everyone has good ideas, but very few execute them. Ideas are only as good as the execution. We definitely shouldn’t try to execute on every idea we have, but even if you aren’t entrepreneurial you should try building something, no matter how small.
Building your own project will be fun, I promise. You’ll learn so many things about yourself. Write down some of the best ideas you’ve had, pick your favorite one, and take action!
Gary Vaynerchuck, a very successful businessman, started selling wines at his dad’s store, that experience led him to build one of the most successful marketing agencies in the world, and building that agency led him to many many other unexpected things. Ideas are like dominoes, even if your first project doesn’t work out, it will lead you to something even better.
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