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This is the best Investment you can make, by far.

This is the best Investment you can make, by far.
By Ash Lamb • Issue #66 • View online
Use your resources to improve yourself before you invest time and money in shallow possessions.

I’m back again!
Before introducing this issue I want to take a second to thank you for being a subscriber.
These past few months have been somewhat challenging for me as I’m working on a new very exciting project, more on that later, but I’m finally back on my feet. Great love and respect to you!
Invest in your own body and mind, and everything else will follow.
Lambo = Lamborghini
Lambo = Lamborghini
This year I’ve made a big mental shift,
and it has completely changed the way I see goals, and how I operate on a daily basis.
Today, I want to introduce you to the philosophy of investing in your own body and mind before spending resources on external possessions.
Let me explain.
Being materialistic is not a bad thing given that we live in a physical world, and we’re constantly using objects to go through our days.
It’s perfectly normal to value those things we own as they’re an important part of our lives.
I personally value beauty and design a lot, and that includes beautiful objects and spaces.
But at the end of the day, we have to see things for what they really are.
Millions of people think sports cars are amazing, and perhaps they are, but if you look at them from a different perspective you might realize they’re just a big heavy chunk of expensive metal and plastic with four rubber wheels.
Not so amazing anymore huh?
I’ve learned this mental model from the stoic school of thought, I don’t recommend you look at everything from this perspective, but it’s a useful mental trick to use whenever you feel overly tempted to buy something.
The goal here is to aim to improve ourselves before we invest time and money in shallow possessions that may prove to not be that valuable in the long haul.
I used the example of a fancy car for the visual above because it has one major similarity with our bodies, transportation.
A car can get you from point A to point B, your body can do that too. One is dramatically faster, the other is much slower but much more important.
I see a lot of people sacrificing their health and time in order to make a bunch of money so they can go and purchase their dream car, and even though that’s a cool goal to have, what’s the point of driving your dream car if you haven’t got or aren’t working towards getting your dream body?
I like this comparison because it looks visually appealing, but I’m aware that it may not be relatable to most people, so here’s a different example.
This year I got obsessed with a project of mine, so without even noticing, I stopped working out. Before I knew it, my energy had dramatically plummeted, and things weren’t the same anymore. I had forgotten about the fundamentals of living a fulfilling life and I felt ashamed of myself. Then I understood that in order to build something legendary I had to start training again.
I’m a chronic procrastinator, so Instead of going for a run that very same day, I started making a list of expensive workout clothes I wanted to buy before taking action. I even considered buying an apple watch. I was completely illusioned by the idea of having the best accessories, because that’s what pro athletes do, right?
Not quite.
Things should go the other way around, you first start taking action with whatever you have around you, and as time goes by and you’ve proven to yourself that you’re serious about what you’re doing, you start investing in new equipment.
Always prioritize those things that are in your immediate control, they usually last the longest.
Your body and mind happen to be in that group, so make sure they’re in pristine condition before you go and buy unnecessary objects.
By Matt Davies
By Matt Davies
Here’s a really fun way to prioritize your life in a (buzzword alert) “gamified” way.
Every time you have the temptation to buy something new that’s not necessary, set a previous short-term challenge you have to overcome in order to reward yourself with that purchase.
In my case, I committed to running every single day for a month before purchasing that new running outfit, and it worked out really well! Not only did I have something to look forward to but I also felt proud of myself the day I got that new outfit. I felt like I had actually earned it.
I truly hope this issue has been helpful to you in some way shape or form! Thank you so much for making it all the way to the end.
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Here's a sneak peek of the website
Here's a sneak peek of the website
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Great love and respect.
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