The ultimate "secret" to increase your productivity



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The ultimate "secret" to increase your productivity
By Ash Lamb • Issue #64 • View online
How to get more stuff done in a world full of noise and complexity.

“How can I be more productive?”
One of the most searched terms and thought-after topics in the world.
We all seem to be searching for that next “life-changing” tip that will allow us to build Rome in a weekend.
“Rome wasn’t built in a day” is an adage attesting to the need for time to create great things
Our capacity to focus has been damaged by the sheer amount of content and entertainment there’s out there, so we keep looking for ways to shortcut our way to success.
We constantly avoid doing the actual work required to build something of value. (At least I do, I’m working on it, I promise!)
That would be too boring. It also sounds much too simple to be true, right? There must be some special trick that highly effective people use to rise above average.
The truth is, however, that if you actually want to move the needle forward you have to eliminate as many things as you can from the equation!
“Block out the noise, and double down on the signal.”
Or as a minimalist guru would say (or tweet):
“Less is more.”
If you want to appear smart or sophisticated in front of your friends, build a really complex note-taking system that requires 100 different tools (and subscriptions! Sigh.)
Please take this meme with a pinch of humor!
Please take this meme with a pinch of humor!
If you want to get things done, focus on the very basics. At least for a good while. Then, you can apply a few fancy tricks here and there if you want.
Want to get into running? You don’t need the newest running shoes or the latest apple watch. Put on your shoes, pick your most comfortable shorts and start running! (Don’t forget to stretch though!)
Want to feel accomplished and fulfilled at the end of the day? No need to create a complex customized to-do list system. Grab a sticky note and write down your 3 most important tasks for that day. (And execute on them ASAP!)
There are nuances to everything, of course, but I’m convinced we all have room to streamline and simplify the way we do things.
A concept that has revolutionized my approach to productivity is “the path of least resistance”
Here’s an example of this idea at work:
Let’s say I like to work in the mornings, and that day I have to write a relatively long article on a challenging topic.
This is what my morning routine used to look like:
Get up → Stretch → Go for a run → Shower → Mediate → Journal → Pray → Read etc… Too many obstacles! Some days it took me a few hours to start working.
This is what it looks like now:
Get up → Quick morning walk → Shower → Work
The least resistance there is between you and your goals the more likely you’ll be able to achieve them in record time!
Thank you so much for reading, I truly hope my perspective has been valuable to you in some way.
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Ash Lamb

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