Play the long-term game and you'll be rewarded



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Play the long-term game and you'll be rewarded
By Ash Lamb • Issue #44 • View online

At this point in my life, I’ve been tempted to get rich quickly countless times. There’s so much noise out there. Be careful with all these new empty business models created to attract young entrepreneurs who want to taste the good life.
In the end, I always realize how foolish it is to try and make a quick buck without adding any value. Even if the strategy worked it wouldn’t last long. It would create more problems than blessings.
I always end up coming back to the same conclusion. Building something to add long-term value to the people you care about is the best way to live a fulfilling life and generate an environment of abundance for yourself and your loved ones. As soon as I started thinking in terms of 10 years, everything started to fall into place. I suddenly didn’t feel pressured to create something I wasn’t proud of just to “win” in the short term and impress a few people.
I truly do hope this resonates with you at some level. Great love and respect!
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Ash Lamb

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