No choice is the best, you make it the best



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No choice is the best, you make it the best
By Ash Lamb • Issue #61 • View online
How to beat the infamous Shiny Object Syndrome.

The art of commitment
Here’s a brilliant excerpt from “How to live”, by Derek Sivers, one of my all-time favorite books!
If you’ve ever been confused or distracted, by too many options…
If you don’t finish what you start…
If you’re not with a person you love… then you’ve felt the problem.
The problem is a lack of commitment.
You’ve been looking for the best person, place, or career.
But seeking the best is the problem.
No choice is inherently the best.
What makes something the best choice?
You make it the best through your commitment to it.
Your dedication and actions make any choice great.
This is a life-changing epiphany.
You can stop seeking the best option.
Pick one and irreversibly commit.
Then it becomes the best choice for you. Voilà.
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