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Learn to reduce your mood swings

Learn to reduce your mood swings
By Ash Lamb • Issue #42 • View online

Being an entrepreneur is definitely not easy. Very few people are willing to live such an upbeat and unsteady lifestyle. Everything is soaring highs or crushing lows; the day is either amazing or awful. One day you feel like you’re on top of the world, the next you start doubting yourself. You feel like an imposter.
Everything comes with a price, that’s just how life works. But what if there was a way to steady our impulses. What if we could turn things around and become more present in the task at hand?
I believe that practicing mindfulness on a daily basis is the best antidote to unsteadiness. Mindfulness can help us reduce our constant mood swings.
Impulses of all kinds are going to come, and your work is to control them, like bringing a dog to heel. Put more simply: think before you act. Ask: Who is in control here? What principles are guiding me?
Text inspired by The Daily Stoic
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