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Learn how to turn abstract ideas into impactful visuals!

Learn how to turn abstract ideas into impactful visuals!
By Ash Lamb • Issue #54 • View online

Today is the day!
I’m finally launching the pre-sale for The Visual Growth Course.
I want to teach people everything I know about creating impactful visuals.
Why? Because the power of visual storytelling has completely changed my life.
Two years ago I quit my design job at an agency. I was burnt out and unfulfilled. I didn’t know what to do with my life.
That was until I decided to combine all my interests together and build my own brand in the process. 
I started sharing visual ideas from great thinkers, and before I knew it, I had a solid audience of amazing individuals
6 months later I was collaborating with people I’ve always admired. I can now officially say that the art of visual storytelling has changed my life. 
Last month I managed to make around $6K from freelance work alone.
I couldn’t possibly be more grateful.
I now can make a living doing what I love the most in this world!
Janis and I meeting IRL
Janis and I meeting IRL
I’ve had the great pleasure to share this visual journey with amazing creators.
To name a few: Janis Ozolins, Elliott Aleksander, Jamie Russo, Arvid Kahl, Alex Lull, Dagobert Renouf… And many many more!
They’ve inspired me to keep improving my craft!
I’m currently building a community and a course for people who want to leverage the art of visual storytelling to make an impact in this world.
I want to package all my knowledge into one single product!
You can join the community today and pre-order the course with a special early-bird discount!
When the content is live the price will go from $199 to $250 so if you’re interested don’t hesitate and join me on this new journey!
Great love and respect to everyone who’s helped me build my dream.
Thank you so much for everything.
If It wasn’t for you I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.
Sincerely, Ash Lamb.
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Ash Lamb

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