8 timeless principles I've learned from the Stoics



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8 timeless principles I've learned from the Stoics
By Ash Lamb • Issue #53 • View online

1. You have two major tasks in life.
To be a good person and to pursue the occupation that you love.
Focus on these two things and before you know it you’ll become the very best version of yourself.
2. Focus your energy on those things you can control.
Your thoughts and your actions.
Don’t let anything else impede you from being at peace with yourself.
3. Invest more time in forging a bulletproof character.
Most people only spend time and money on their external appearance.
That’s fine, but make sure your character is in check.
At the end of the day, that’s the only thing we really have.
Ask yourself:
who would I really be If tomorrow I was put on a tropical island naked and without any possessions?
4. Train yourself to be happy with very little.
You don’t want to be attached to an incredibly expensive lifestyle.
Huge overheads = sleepless nights.
The less you need to be happy, the more powerful you’ll be.
Conquer the need to conquer the world.
5. Prepare yourself for the worst.
Put yourself to the test every single day. You never know what could happen.
Become comfortable doing the uncomfortable.
If you get up at 5 AM every day you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for the day ahead.
6. The best retreat is within yourself.
If you don’t feel at ease right where you are don’t expect to feel better when you go on a Holiday.
You might feel temporary relief, but if you don’t get to the source of your problems, you’ll never taste real peace of mind.
7. Timeless things will make your life better.
Timely things will often make it worse.
Timeless things: Philosophy, Simple healthy food, family time, nature, physics, mental models…
Timely things: News, scandals, gossip, one-night stands, materialistic treats…
8. Always remember that everything has a hidden cost.
Free junk food is costing you your health.
A cheap Netflix subscription is costing you your precious time.
Don’t get fooled by false perceptions or you’ll pay a very high price.
Don’t take anything I post too seriously.
I’m just a young creator figuring things out.
Everything I share is a reminder to myself.
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