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🚀 Shortening your Laravel app URLs

Ash Allen
Ash Allen
Hey! 👋
✨ In this newsletter, we’ve got a new tutorial that shows you how you can add short URLs to your Laravel applications.
It covers how to install my package (ashallendesign/short-url) and the different ways that you can use it. It also covers the different analytics and tracking that the package provides out-the-box.
⚡ There’s also a brand new round up covering what happened in the Laravel world in May 2022. It talks about:
  • ✅ The new Tinkerwell version that was released
  • ✅ My new book (Battle Ready Laravel)
  • ✅ My new side-project (Find a PR)
  • ✅ My newest open source contributions to Laravel
  • ✅ The latest Laravel releases
  • ✅ Much more!
🚀 If you missed my previous newsletter too, you might have missed that I’m working on a new book: Battle Ready Laravel!
It’s going to be a guide that will take you through the same steps that I use to audit, test, fix and improve projects when I’m brought on board to overhaul existing systems.
You can join the waiting list at and you’ll also get a 25% discount when it’s released!
🔥 If you’re not already following me on Twitter, make sure to follow me at @AshAllenDesign to keep up to date with all my Laravel tips and tricks that I post there!
Keep on building awesome stuff! 🚀
How to Create Short URLs in Laravel
Round Up: May 2022
Battle Ready Laravel - Coming Summer 2022
Battle Ready Laravel - Join the Waiting List Now!
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Twitter: @AshAllenDesign
LinkedIn: Ashley Allen
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Ash Allen
Ash Allen @AshAllenDesign

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