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🤖🧬 All about AlphaFold: an AI "solution" to a 50-year old grand challenge

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This week: we dive deep on DeepMind AlphaFold, which has generated a lot of excitement and some criticism.
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The big news
AlphaFold: a solution to a 50-year-old grand challenge in biology | DeepMind
DeepMind’s protein-folding AI has solved a 50-year-old grand challenge of biology | MIT Technology Review
Ok, but how do I make sense of this?
AlphaFold Basics | Lex Fridman
The excitement is palpable...
Sundar Pichai
.@DeepMind's incredible AI-powered protein folding breakthrough will help us better understand one of life’s fundamental building blocks + enable researchers to tackle new and hard problems, from fighting diseases to environmental sustainability.
‘It will change everything’: DeepMind’s AI makes gigantic leap in solving protein structures
Kai-Fu Lee
Amazing work from DeepMind, congrats @demishassabis and team on unveiling the possibilities after #AlphaFold
...but there's also some valid criticism
DeepMind's protein-folding breakthrough triggers fierce debate among skeptical scientists | Business Insider
Mike Thompson
It's laughable to declare protein structure prediction a "solved" problem. The reported precision in the best predicted models is still 10-20 times worse than coordinate precision in typical experimental structures.
Lior Pachter
But protein folding is not solved. Not only is it not even a well defined statement to say something like that (others have pointed out that there is a lot of subtlety in what one even means by "protein folding") but it's not even the winner for all the CASP14 proteins.
Our take
While it’s clear this is a major leap forward, it is technically incorrect to claim that protein folding is solved for the reasons mentioned above. The achievement should no doubt be celebrated, but overhyping a breakthrough has obvious downsides and we’re glad there’s lively debate around the topic.
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