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By Aashay & Sergio, for Techstars Startup Digest

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Artificial Intelligence Monthly

Your essential reading list for all things AI.

This week: America’s Top 50 Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2021, OpenAI warns AI behind GitHub’s Copilot may be susceptible to bias, Google Built A Trillion Parameter AI Model, WHO & Global Report in AI for Healthcare, AI China business ecosystem, and much more!
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— Aashay & Sergio
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AI 50 2021: America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies
OpenAI warns AI behind GitHub's Copilot may be susceptible to bias
Silicon Valley is backing a new cryptocurrency from OpenAI and Y Combinator alum Sam Altman
Artificial intelligence: China's business 'ecosystems' are helping it win the global A.I. race
Using A.I. to Find Bias in A.I.
Google Built A Trillion Parameter AI Model. 7 Things You Should Know
Funding and M&A updates
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