Thinking | Teaching | Talking

By Arjun Rajagopalan

A monthly curation for those of us who
• Think critically.
• Teach young minds how to think critically.
• Communicate critically assessed information to interested audiences.

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Thinking | Teaching | Talking - IMPORTANT CHANGES

You may have noticed that there was no issue of TTT for November. Be nice. Say you were devastated.I have been doing some streamlining of all my activities to one location. Unfortunately, this means putting you through the inconvenience of signing up again at…


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - October 2020

Articles for October 2020.


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - September 2020

Selections for September 2020.


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - August 2020

In the immortal words of Kurt Vonnegut : “So it goes.” The C word, that is. Some more this month to ease lock down blues.


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - July 2020

Third month of C****-free reading. Enjoy.


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - June 2020

TTT has done impressive work in “flattening the curve”. This is the second, mostly COVID-free month. There is certainly a lot more happening in the world that we need to keep abreast of. Here they are


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - May 2020

This month’s list is shorter than usual. Why? NO C...D (I won’t say the word)-RELATED CONTENT. We are all weary, confused, anxious, saturated ... by the relentless barrage. I had to really work to find material for this issue. Someday, and I hope it’s early, …


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - April 2020

It’s all COVID-19 today. There’s almost nothing I have come across that speaks of anything else. I have put together a bunch of reading that offers perspectives which are not the usual descriptions of the disease; by now, we are saturated. And, there are a ha…


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - March 2020

Since we are all in a social distancing mode, here’s a good collection of reading material while you stay at home. Remember, there’s much more from the past months, at the website:


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - February 2020

This month’s selections.


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - January 2020

Articles for January 2020.


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - December 2019

A little late, but here’s the collection for December.


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - November 2019

This was a good month for articles but a difficult one for me in terms of limiting the list. I try to keep the number to around 15 pieces. This month, there was a surplus of good stuff and it took me quite a bit of effort to cull it down. Here’s the collectio…


Thinking | Teaching | Talking - October 2019

I have now switched to a different provider for the monthly newsletter. Unlike earlier, when you would have received a small email message with a link to take you to the current page, from here on, the mail will contain the whole newsletter so that you can ch…