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Thinking | Teaching | Talking - May 2020


Thinking | Teaching | Talking

May 18 · Issue #8 · View online

A monthly curation for those of us who
• Think critically.
• Teach young minds how to think critically.
• Communicate critically assessed information to interested audiences.

This month’s list is shorter than usual. Why? NO C…D (I won’t say the word)-RELATED CONTENT. We are all weary, confused, anxious, saturated … by the relentless barrage. I had to really work to find material for this issue. Someday, and I hope it’s early, the world will start moving again but a whole lot changed. A huge amount of re-thinking is one the cards for Homo saps. I remain confident that we can do it. Cheers and May the Force be with you. Read on.

Why Podcasts Are My New Wikipedia – The Perfect Informal Learning Resource
What it's really like to have autism | Ethan Lisi
The Best Way to Retain What You Read
The Case Against Thinking Outside of the Box - Facts So Romantic
IKEA Releases Free Design for Garden Sphere That Feeds Entire Neighborhood
How to Change Anyone's Mind Without Persuading Them
Why We Focus on Trivial Things: The Bikeshed Effect
An explanation of machine learning models even you could understand
If all our actions are shaped by luck, are we still agents?
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