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L.F.G Model Introduction

Updates from Ari Rudd
Updates from Ari Rudd
Bitcoin Logarithmic Fractal Growth Model
Bitcoin started out at less than $1, It is currently priced around $44,500 after recently experiencing a significant drop. Bitcoin has grown exponentially to lead a new type of digital asset class, but there are still concerns about whether Bitcoin will be able to maintain its value or not.
There are some extremely aggressive alternatives, such as S2F, although they might provide a temporary viable solution to predict Bitcoin value at a wide range, main problem with the majority of them is that they are set aggressively and don’t take into account all effective parameters that have been designed into the Bitcoin’s protocol and the various economic affects it may receive from external forces.
In an attempt to predict Bitcoin’s future price range and direction, this article introduces the new Logarithmic Fractal Growth (LFG) Price Prediction model developed by “Ari Rudd”. LFG models chart Bitcoin’s price action as closely as possible using fractals that consist of logarithmic scales on both axes, and then projects where Bitcoin may go next based off fractals that occurred in previous Bitcoin bull runs.
The model foresees that bitcoin will fluctuate within the present range for a month or so before dropping to another accumulation range. This implies we may witness the same pattern from 2014 and 2018, when bitcoin bounced back from the middle white line following a sharp decline from the liquidation zone to head towards the next accumulation stage.
So what is Bitcoin price prediction for the near future?
The L.F.G model predicts Bitcoin will drop down to 20K levels before skyrocketing again towards the $100,000 levels.
Bitcoin has never failed to recover from its low-points, so there’s no reason why it should be different this time around.
There are other Bitcoin Predictions out there, not all of them are based on solid economic models. So take these predictions with a pinch of salt and always consider what you believe yourself while investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter…
Good Luck!
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Updates from Ari Rudd
Updates from Ari Rudd

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