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Issue #3: Ari's Monthly Recommendations


Ari J. Greenberg

March 27 · Issue #3 · View online
Ari's Monthly Recommendations

Pay Attention to VR
Ari & Rachel @ The NYT VR HQ at SXSW
Are you paying attention to virtual reality (VR)? You should.
It was everywhere at SXSW, and the first Oculus Rift just shipped this week
Google Cardboard is a super easy way to get started without breaking the bank. Read more about what my friend and doppelgänger Mike Podwal is doing at Google here
Ready to take the leap? Buy a Google Cardboard for $15 and check out the New York Times VR app to get started.
Blue light is Bad for Sleep
Blue light (i.e. the light from our phone/tablet/computer screens) has negative affects on our ability to get a good night of sleep. You can learn more about this from Scientific American
How do you solve this (besides turning off your devices an hour or so before bed)? 
If you’re on an iPhone, download iOS 9.3 which includes “Night Shift” in order to change the temperature of your screen at night. Here’s how you set it up. Also, try using f.lux on your laptop. 
None of this is 100% proven, but it’s worth a shot.
Amazon is Killing It
I’ve been an customer for a long time.
They’ve always been amazing, but now they’re really killing it. 
And that’s before you take into account Amazon Prime which is a godsend for those of us who depend on it (especially parents).
Read the latest on the man behind Amazon, Jeff Bezos, in this profile from Fortune
The Power of Music
Photo Credit: Mauricio Lima for The New York Times
“If there’s something that opens political doors, it’s music. Music has no barriers, not gender, race, or economic.”
Five decades ago, The Rolling Stones’ music was banned in Cuba. This week, they performed there in a free concert attended by hundreds of thousands of fans. Read the whole story from The New York Times.
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