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Unknown classNames library and serverless FaaS platform

Arek Nawo
Arek Nawo
Hi guys!
I’ve got some new, interesting web-dev content for you this week, but first - some great announcements!

Newsletter changes
I know this newsletter wasn’t very consistent lately, but I have a plan to fix that! I’ve already switched to a different service provider for easier management, and it’s only the beginning of the changes to come. Through some magic of automation, soon you’ll receive my newsletter always, as you should, on a weekly basis.
Don’t worry, I still plan on writing something more personal for all of you who have subscribed (thanks, BTW! 😀), but these upcoming changes will ensure that you get at least the weekly dose of my posts you’ve subscribed for!
As we’re in the announcement mood, I wanted to make sure that you know about CodeWrite - blogging tool for developers and my first product. It’s a PWA and Chrome extension hybrid and a result of my over 2 years of technical blogging experience.
It features a writer-focused editor containing a dedicated Monaco editor (the same one powering VS Code) and Prettier integration for code snippet handling, great grammar-checking tools (e.g. Grammarly) support, minimalistic UI, focused UX, and a “one-click publishing” system, which can auto-fill your blog post and handle all incompatibilities (like too large images, or lack of code highlighting support) on multiple blogging platforms (currently Dev.toHashnodeMedium, and Ghost). Here’s an example of how it works:
So, if you’re interested in starting or improving your own technical blog, consider checking it out!
free plan is available (with content size limitations), and paid plans start at as low as $3/month. However, if you’re reading this, there’s an even better deal for you - you can use a unique promo code newsletter1 and get a 40% discount on any plan (as low as $1.80/month)
If you’re still unsure whether CodeWrite is for you, check out the introductory blog post I linked below and maybe the CodeWrite public roadmap to know what’s to come.
Step up your web development blog with CodeWrite!
CodeWrite allows me to be much more productive, and so you can rest assured, I’ll keep improving it far above the current MVP stage.
So, thanks for checking in! You can find the latest blog posts below (the “new style”).
See you next week!
This week's blog posts:
You don't know the classNames library
Cloudflare Workers - the best serverless FaaS platform?
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Arek Nawo
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