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ArchiTECHt Daily: Containers are a sneaky big market

When I looked at the January edition of this running 451 Group report on container-market revenue, I
ArchiTECHt Daily: Containers are a sneaky big market
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When I looked at the January edition of this running 451 Group report on container-market revenue, I focused on the 2017 number, $1.1 billion, and thought it was a little high. Even with about 125 companies included in the list, I still do.
Yesterday, however, I saw the latest edition of the report, which includes a prediction of $3.44 billion for 2021. That’s a number I can get behind; it might even be low. In a broader enterprise IT world dominated by headlines around Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Salesforce, etc., containers represent a relatively silent revolution. 
But make no mistake: Large enterprises and startups alike are already using them, and are making big plans to expand their usage. As the foundational technologies mature over the next couple years, I suspect we’ll see a lot of experiments and open source deployments turn into revenue for the companies selling container technologies. 
The Kubernetes ecosystem—which includes Google, Red Hat and Microsoft, among others—might drive adoption, but AWS, Pivotal, Docker, Mesosphere, Hashicorp, Rancher, CoreOS will all get a piece of the pie, too (some bigger than others, obviously). Throw in the Sysdigs, Twistlocks, Buoyants and many other companies providing supporting technologies, and you have an ecosystem ready to explode.
The chart from 451 Group showing predicted market growth is below. For more on containers, you can also peruse the archives of this newsletter or check out these interviews and episodes of the Architecht Show podcast:

Source: The 451 Group
Source: The 451 Group
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