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Through Apple Observer's Eyes - Issue #1

JF Martin
JF Martin
For the first issue of “Through Apple Observer’s Eyes.”, another useless newsletter that nobody reads, I’ll be using Twitter’s Revue to build it. It’s the right occasion to experience Revue, a new offering in the newsletters space by Twitter. Let’s try this.

This is an exercise
This is another experiment of mine. I’m testing Revue by Twitter, a new newsletter building tool. Think of this newsletter as a review of Revue. Sort of.
I like what I’m seeing. Compared to Substack (you know that I’m on Substack, right?), Revue’s editor is impressive and allows for much more content types to be included within a newsletter. Content is added from a toolbar on the right of the editor. The more sources we configure in Revue, the more content can be brought in to build newsletters. Creating a newsletter is like putting items on a canvas.
The following few items come from different sources: my many blogs (via RSS), my Pocket account (Natively) and Substack (via RSS). I wish I could add from Readwise, though.
Revue is using the block metaphor for editing content. Substack is more like a text editor.
A Twitter user who has a newsletter on Revue gets a special tile on his or her Twitter profile. As of this writing, I didn’t have mine, I guess this is because I didn’t have any publications yet.
Revue vs Substack
Who is the best between Revue and Substack? Well, let’s try to find out.
  • Editor: Revue wins here because of richer content support and the use of the block metaphor.
  • General Design: Revue wins here.
  • Photos support: Revue supports caption, just like Substack. Tie.
  • Content Sources: Revue wins because the importation process is easy and integrates well into the editor.
  • Analytics: Revue provides a richer set of metrics and a much nicer dashboard design. Revue wins.
  • Discoverability: The tight integration between Revue and Twitter could make discoverability easier.
  • API support: Revue offers API, not Substack. Revue wins here too.
  • Subscribers handling: similar experience on both services.
  • Previewing newsletters: similar experience on both services.
  • Customizability: Substack has a small edge here with sections support. For now.
  • Monetizing: Revue supports Stripe. Wins.
  • Content edition: Revue allows for duplicating an issue which makes it faster to create a recurring newsletter with the same basic elements. Revue wins here too.
  • Goodies: Safari extension is a useful complement to Revue. Revue wins again.
  • Sign form integration: Tie. Revue has a plugin for WordPress.
  • RSS feed support: Did not test it on Revue. Substack supports this.
  • Sending experience: I didn’t try it as I’m still writing this review. Maybe I’ll be able to edit the issue after being sent to add my experience with Revue.
For me, Revue wins over Substack. This is troubling. What am I supposed to do now? Find a niche for Revue while keeping Substack?
Revue > Substack
Peek at an upcoming article I'm working on
Peek at an upcoming article I'm working on
Some content from my blogs
What Widgets on macOS Big Sur Should Have Been
Daring Fireball: Our Long National iOS 15 Safari Beta Nightmare Is Over
Twitter Announces Tweaks to Direct Message Sharing and Navigation - MacRumors
Twitter is on a roll lately. Spaces, Reactions, Revue, tweaks, Super Follow. - Numeric Citizen
Photography stuff
Consider the following embedded tweet.
"How Rain Works" is probably my most well-known image. It won Top Honors in Fine Art Photography at the international Spider Awards. I've just minted a one-and-only edition of it on @opensea:
Obviously, embedding tweets is easy. We can’t embed YouTube or Vimeo videos for now. Sorry, my bad. There is an easy way to embed YouTube and Vimeo content, just like photos. I wish there was a way to insert photos from Unsplash. Speaking of photos, I wrote a few thoughts about Glass.
Thoughts and observations from my experience with Glass
Glimpse into Glass
A few months ago, I decided that Smugmug was THE place to be for sharing my photos online. As much as Glass looks interesting and refreshing, I have to figure out where Glass fits in my workflow. I’m not sure I have much space left for this.
Numeric Citizen Visual Space
Climate change crisis
Something about the climate change crisis: The planet is burning. A powerful image proves it.
Bloomberg Quicktake
Photojournalist @k_tsakalidis captured this iconic moment of the Greece wildfires for @business that made front pages around the world.

Here he tells the story behind the image
Revue Safari Extension
There is a browser extension available. The idea is that you can save an URL into Revue’s inbox while surfing the web. The added item can then be inserted later in the newsletter editor. The following item was inserted from my inbox. There is one item left, but I’ll keep it for a future newsletter.
 Observer
I kind of like what I'm seeing from @revue so far. Will have to think if there is a place for such a service in my blogger's world. Who needs another newsletter, you might ask?
1Password 8 Mac Early Access Triggers an Early Exit?
Raging controversy over AgileBits switching to Electron to build the next major release of 1Password. I’m one of those who is sad about this move and considering my options: stay with 1Password or move to an Apple-only solution as I’m not using non-Apple device.
Numeric Citizen Introspection Newsletter #12
A short clip of mine from my Vimeo account. Craft’s micro-interaction demonstration.
Craft - macOS - dimmed menu.mp4 on Vimeo
Craft - macOS - dimmed menu.mp4 on Vimeo
I’m also publishing on Medium. Sometimes.
A Message to Apple Developers: We Don’t Need Another Android Platform
Things to read from my Pocket account
Interview: Apple’s head of Privacy details child abuse detection and Messages safety features
Here comes the law
The following tweet didn’t age well, sadly.
Jordan Singer
Rich profile for contacts
Contact photos in notifications
Health sharing

It's no coincidence that we're seeing more people/faces and shared experiences throughout iOS. The OS is the social network. #WWDC21
Still with me? Congrats! I’m impressed.
Revue’s newsletters can be quite long. It seems.
So, there you have it. This concludes my review of Revue. We have a winner: Revue. Now, I’m trying to figure out if and how I can add Revue to my blogger landscape. Stay tuned.
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