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Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #7

Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #7
By AppForce1 · Jeroen Leenarts • Issue #7 • View online
The workshop for Try Swift sold out. That’s a thing. 😅 I’ll be fine. But to this day I still get the jitters when an event like this gets closer. So perfectly normal.
Another really cool thing. I will be working on is some Vapor Serverside Swift code. I’ll mostly be reviewing/learning from the work Tim Condon will be doing on this. More on this once I have some code you can look at too.
The whole Ukraine thing has me on edge. For the latest Twitter Space, Stefan and I prepared a statement.
We hope and pray for the affected people in Ukraine and wish for this to be resolved as quickly as possible, because no one in the world should have to live through the experience of hardship, violence, bloodshed, loss of life and prolonged uncertainty that a war brings. Nobody should be the victim of war.
On a more positive note, I am very happy CocoaHeadsNL will be back in person again. It has been 2 years and 1 month since the last time the Dutch CocoaHeads had an in-person meetup. So very, very cool. I really hope we can pick things up again where we left them and continue having a positive impact on the CocoaHeads participants.
Some big discussions ahead of me as well. Do iOS is on the table as a topic. So who knows, some more info on that would be amazing.
Also I finally decided to run a network cable up the stairs to my upstairs WiFi access point. Highly recommended. Speeds pretty much doubled upstairs.

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Runway: Better Mobile App Releases for Teams
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