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Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #6

Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #6
By AppForce1 · Jeroen Leenarts • Issue #6 • View online
So I’ve been going over my notes of the last 4 months. I think I have enough notes now to create a chunky addition to my book on the remote part of working. The book Being a Lead Developer. (Discount code in that link there!)
So what do you think? Commit to adding that or not? And if you have other suggestions, by all means. Let me know.
I also looked in to page load speed of my website. It was amazing how much effect a few minor tweaks could have.
So just to wrap it up for this week. Here is a whole bunch of links I am either proud of, or that I enjoyed this week. Except for one…

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Ship apps with less friction using Runway
Ship apps with less friction using Runway
Released Content
I have a cold, a CFP accepted and a newsletter mention
Gabriel Savit, co-founder at Runway after working as iOS developer
Twitter Space: Getting into iOS Developer Relations
Latest News Episode Links
Working with Xcode configuration files | iOS development on
Native Network Monitoring In Swift
A few examples of async await in Swift
Dynamic Linking Is Bad For Apps And Static Linking Is Also Bad For Apps
I can not ignore what is happening in the Ukrain
To all affected by this horrible crisis. I believe most people, including Russians, never wanted this conflict. Violence has never helped anyone. Please make it stop.
I remember you Anastasiia, please hang in there.
Anastasiia is one of many. Last I heard she was in the middle of things in Kyiv. I’m hoping for a sign of life of this amazing IT security professional.
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