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Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #25

Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #25
By AppForce1 · Jeroen Leenarts • Issue #25 • View online
So I am in my hotel room, watching F1, preparing my slides for my talk at 360iDev on Tuesday, and writing this newsletter.
It’s been a good trip to Denver. No crazy delays. Schiphol airport was even quite alright. There have been huge staff shortages at the security check. Travelers sometimes had to wait for hours in lines reaching out of the terminal building. But the worst seems to be behind us. I only had to wait in line for about 70 minutes.
The transfer at Detroit was a bit tense, only 80 minutes and I had a delayed arrival for like 15 minutes. But, a lot of friendly people allowed me to skip the line in security allowing me to make my flight. For sure I will always let someone pass in the security line when I have plenty of time to catch my flight.
Being in Denver and enjoying some of the sights here has been great. But once I publish this newsletter it is full-on work mode till Thursday. Being at a conference, doing a talk, and being part of a booth staff is different. Enjoyable, but an intense couple of days ahead.
On top of that, on the 24th I announced some preliminary plans for Do iOS in November. Make sure to follow Do iOS on Twitter, or better yet, sign up for the newsletter (the box top of page) on
So lots great stuff going on.
My next podcast episode, I will try to do at 360iDev. But no promises just yet. And if you are at 360, come over say Hi! I won’t bite.

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