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Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #15

Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #15
By AppForce1 · Jeroen Leenarts • Issue #15 • View online
There’s a whole lot of links in this issue of my newsletter.
I really ran into finding time for my podcast. Doing in person events again is a lot of fun, but it also takes time. On top of that, if you follow my podcasts, you will have noticed that I sort of skipped an episode last week. And it had to do with me losing my voice over the last couple of weeks. So doing an audio and voice based content format and losing your voice is kind of horrible. I needed to take care of that by just giving my voice a little bit of time to relax. But fortunately, I had some content ready.
Biggest thing I think you should look at is Jordi’s SwiftUI Series. Especially the Animations track is cool. It will be judged by my team member Amos.
Next week will be a short week. One day of work, 2 days of conference (, followed by an extended weekend. Should be a lot of fun.
Since I skipped a week, a whole mountain of links this week.

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Runway: Better mobile app releases for teams
Runway: Better mobile app releases for teams
Released Content
It feels good being able to travel again
Mark Moeykens, aka Big Mountain Studios
Alexei and me at the Enginears podcast
Third party dependencies
Hey my voice is back, sort of…
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WWDC @ Q42, Mon, Jun 6 Meetup
June @ Stream, Wed, Jun 15, 2022 Meetup
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