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Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #13

Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #13
By AppForce1 · Jeroen Leenarts • Issue #13 • View online
Issue number 13. The unlucky one. It matches with my workflow this week. A total overload. Still fun, loads of stuff achieved.
I took a long Easter weekend off. 4 days in total. My week from Tuesday till Friday was a game of catch up.
But a lot of things were achieved this week:
  • My workplace now sponsors the Swift Package Index. Glorious logo placement on this page.
  • My team at Stream has been hard at work creating a cool Mac app showcasing Spring animations. Ready for launch, cool stuff.
  • An opensource contributor of a very interesting Swift project I tasked with some work is nearing completion. Super cool stuff.
  • I made an appearance on the Enginears podcast.
In the sense of “AppForce1” stuff getting done, it has been a really tough week. No worries I will not stop podcasting.
Also, I think Dave’s opening topic about opensource funding in iOS Dev Weekly 555 must have been influenced in some way by all the discussion Dave, others and I have had over the past weeks. I fully agree with Dave. Funding opensource is hard. And Dave is calling on his readers to support some opensource project out there. Just do something. Well, I’d like to call on my readers to consider sponsoring the Swift Package Index (SPI) directly. I’ve seen glimpses of what Dave (and Sven!) want to do with the SPI. Amazing stuff.
Tomorrow, my daughter’s seventh birthday. So no rest, or time, to get “hobbies” done. So right after I pressed send on this newsletter, I pushed my lastest podcast recording.

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Runway: Better mobile app releases for teams
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