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Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #11

Newsletter of AppForce1 - Issue #11
By AppForce1 · Jeroen Leenarts • Issue #11 • View online
It is typical overload time for me right now. Swift Heroes this week. I was supposed to send this message last Friday. I missed my regular podcast recording window. Overload, overload! Aaaaah!
Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Turin. I will take plenty of time to just travel. Go to the airport mid-day while I am flying in the evening. I am going to soak it all in on my first international travel in two (!!) years.
On top of that, I’ve been busy getting things figured out for an electric car we will be getting. We’ve been saving for years, and been driving a couple of really old bangers. But, my daughter will be switching schools after the summer. When we told her she was so happy. It lifted my heart to see her having tears of joy, she was just so happy, so thankful we persevered in “fixing” her journey. We will be driving a lot after the summer to bring her, so my wife and I decided to pull the trigger on a new electric car. It’ll be an Opel (Vauxhal) Corsa E. A relatively small car, but it has a decent sized battery pack. I wanted a Peugeot e-208, but delivery times on those are wild. And a Corsa is actually the same car underneath the bodywork, it does look a bit more dull though.
But going electric also involves getting a charging point on my driveway, and figuring things out what that means for my electric utility cabinet. (A whole lot actually.) But, soon, everything will be done in around my driveway and then we can drive and charge with ease.
Oh and the car will have Carplay. So hopefully I can mess around with that in the near future too.
I hope to see you in Turin!

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Runway: Better Mobile App Releases for Teams
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