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Newsletter of AppForce1 - 2022 #02

Newsletter of AppForce1 - 2022 #02
By AppForce1 · Jeroen Leenarts • Issue #2 • View online
Two issues in one week? Yeah, this is an “extra” one to get me on the right pace again. You can expect just one issue each week from now on. Usually sent in the second half of the week.
Lots of stuff is happening this week. I was surprised by the number of things I collected in just a few days.
Things I am experimenting with are Flutter and Twitter Spaces.
Why Flutter? I got asked to write a contrasting piece on Flutter compared to SwiftUI/native iOS development. It is hard wrapping my head around Flutter. But I must say when you “have” to go the cross-platform route. I think Flutter is way better than other options that have come and gone over the years. If I choose, I will still always go with full native SwiftUI/UIKit. But that is based on my personal preferences and work history.
Twitter Spaces
Next, I also did a first Twitter Space with Stefan titled “Staying up to date with iOS news and development.” It was a lot of fun. We discussed how Stefan and I stay up to date with iOS developer-related news. I downloaded the recording and converted it to a podcast episode with many notes attached. Check further down for that link.
On Wednesday evening, Stefan and I also scheduled the next Twitter Space:  “How to learn new things?”
All my interviews, listed.
I often get asked who I had as a guest on my podcast. I was wondering about this a bit too. So here is a quick script that filters my podcast feed showing only the interview episodes.
(The page is currently not linked from my site itself.)
If you have any feedback, reply to this message or get in touch through Twitter @AppForce1.
Have a great weekend,

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Runway: Better mobile app releases for teams.
Released content
Podcast episode: Doing all kinds of new things, learning as you go…
Podcast interview: Emin Grbo, App Developer at Tidal, works on un:safe
Stream Blog Post: UIKit vs. SwiftUI: How to Choose the Right Framework for Your App
Podcast Twitter Space Replay: Staying up to date with iOS development
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Develop a command-line tool using Swift Concurrency
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