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Newsletter of AppForce1 - 2022 #01

Newsletter of AppForce1 - 2022 #01
By AppForce1 · Jeroen Leenarts • Issue #1 • View online
Hi and welcome to my revamped newsletter. This issue is the first issue I am sending through Revue. I used to use a self hosted Sendy install. But the manual work of setting up the newsletter content proved to be just too much. Also, revamping my newsletter is a perfect time for me to re-align my newsletter to what keeps me busy.
Up till now I mostly shared my podcasting through my newsletter. But I do so much more. And I would love to share with you some of the things I experiment with and what I do to day to day when I am NOT podcasting.
There will always be one guiding principle though. I write about things directly related to me and/or iOS software development. The focus will be a little less narrow as compared to my podcast. But still, if you are into iOS development, then I expect I will share tons of things that will interest you. Also I hope it will allow you to grow yourself as a software developer by learning by proxy be reading about my experiments, successes, failures and challenges.
No holds bared. Sometimes diving in and hoping for the best.
Let me know what you think. :)

First of all I’d like to thank my new sponsor Runway. They signed-up as my headline sponsor for a year. How cool is that? You can expect me to tell you more about them on occasion. But only because I think they have a very cool product and I expect to be able to learn from them as well.
Runway: Better mobile app releases for teams.
Runway: Better mobile app releases for teams.
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