The Week in Pieces

By Piers Campbell

A weekly digest of thoughts and links on ways of working, personal and team coaching, balancing work with life and more.

A weekly digest of thoughts and links on ways of working, personal and team coaching, balancing work with life and more.

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The Week in Pieces #26 - Start Again

Some changes are afoot.I've been sending the newsletter out for six months now. I've been able to look at some data showing how people interact with each issue, and I've got some really interesting feedback from subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Here's w…


The Week in Pieces #25 - Learning To Work With Cargo Cults

Is there a cargo cult in your organisation, and are you a part of it?


The Week in Pieces #24 - Outside the Echo Chamber

This week: Being useless, abstract thinking, and my chances of a future working relationship with Donald Trump.


The Week in Pieces #23 - Fluency, Flow and Doing Nothing

Regular reflection sessions with teams are essential for maintaining capability, performance and morale. Also, they mean you're never short of a subject for a regular newsletter..


The Week in Pieces #22 - Planning With Purpose

"Plans are worthless, but planning is essential."


The Week in Pieces #21 - Web3, And The Risk Of Bear Attack

Conversations and observations about cryptocurrency, NFTs and the enigmatically titled 'Web3' are moving steadily into the mainstream. A new paradigm for the public internet should provide opportunity for all of us, regardless of what we work on or how we wor…


The Week in Pieces #20 - Start Where You Are

When is it too late to wish people a happy new year? Hopefully I'm just making the cut here. If not, please consider this an early happy Chinese new year. Or, a very early happy new financial year. I am determined to express goodwill, even if it requires a fe…


The Week in Pieces #19 - Goodbye 2021!

A necessarily truncated goodbye to 2021 from this newsletter, as I approach the festive season in isolation thanks to Covid finally catching up with me. That isolation finishes on the 23rd, so hopefully by Christmas Eve I'll be back in the swing of things.It'…


The Week in Pieces #18 - The Feedback Paradox

We are all want to improve. Intentionally or otherwise, we do this by experimentation. We take new actions or try different methods to see if our outcomes improve. One of the key ways we measure that improvement is by external feedback. We ask others to asses…


The Week in Pieces #17 - Of Mice And Men And Strategists

Five years ago, I bought a house in South London with my girlfriend. We planned to fix the house up, and go out and have some nice meals while we were doing it. We did this because being able to go home together at the end of the day makes everything else in …


The Week in Pieces #16 - The Washing Machine Of Your Mind

I am now, as for the majority of the last week, blocked. I'm stuck. I can't get started. I have no plan. I have no idea what this week's newsletter will be about. I don't know how, when or if I'll be able to send it out. I am devoid of any kind of idea or ins…


The Week in Pieces #15 - Why We Can't Remember The Future

I was asked last week to provide a reference for a former team member. I enjoy putting these together - when we work together every day our conversations tend to focus more on output and 'performance'. Those themes also tend to dominate internal review proces…


The Week in Pieces #14 - Reflecting on Reflection

I'm a staunch advocate of the practice of reflection. The benefits are extraordinary: greater ability in sense making; developing a better understanding of yourself and others; recognising connections between people and practices; creating and maintaining spa…


The Week in Pieces #13 - The Right Answer To The Wrong Question

A few links very loosely connected to that thinking, then: Why the simple explanation is so often right; Other people's emotions might have nothing to do with you; Trusting rather than monitoring your teams might be the best way to good results; The best way …


The Week in Pieces #12 - The End Of The High Performing Team

That’s it! Thanks for opening the mail or clicking the link, stay well and I'll see you here next week.Piers


The Week in Pieces #11 - Enormous Changes At The Last Minute

As resistant as I am to the inspirational quote, I often find myself coming back to this one from Arthur Ashe:"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."These statements feel a little less abstract when you're able to apply them to real life. T…


The Week in Pieces #10 - Interpretive Dance in the Workplace

Hello again.I am quite late to the back-to-the-office party, but it finally happened last week. For months I've been seeing pictures on various social channels about teams who are meeting for the first time, or who have been reunited after months or years. Th…


The Week in Pieces #9 - How Are You Doing?

That's it! Have a good week, all feedback is welcome, and I'll see you next Monday.Piers


The Week In Pieces #8 - Trust Is Not Passive

That's it! Thanks for your time, have a good week and see you next Monday.Piers(header photo by Herve Villard on Unsplash)


The Week In Pieces #7: Praising without patronising

That's it! Give thanks, sleep well and I'll see you next week.Piers