The Week in Pieces #20 - Start Where You Are



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When is it too late to wish people a happy new year? Hopefully I’m just making the cut here. If not, please consider this an early happy Chinese new year. Or, a very early happy new financial year. I am determined to express goodwill, even if it requires a feverish level of abstraction.
It felt like I just about crawled over the finishing line of 2021 - having Covid just before Christmas, and then most of our extended family having a stomach bug over the festive period, muted rather than prevented celebrations. But it means I’m starting 2022 in stoic fashion - starting where I am, seeing what needs to be done, and letting the plan for the year emerge.
A few interesting directions are beginning to suggest themselves. I used my isolation period before Christmas to build my first mobile app - a pretty straightforward task tracker and link library using Appsheet. I don’t think this is the start of a new life for me as a no-code developer, but it’s oddly heartening to see what you can achieve with a little time and focus.
Back at work last week I ran a workshop on what makes a good team. I’ve facilitated this session a number of times but this is the first one since the pandemic, and it was fascinating to see how our changed circumstances changed the perception on how teams work and what priorities should be. I’ll go into more depth on that in an article, so look out for that in a future newsletter.
The break also gave me some time to think about the future of this newsletter, and I’ve got some ideas on where this might go that are pretty exciting. More on that in the coming weeks. In the meantime, a few links that felt pertinent to the start of 2022..
How Practical Wisdom Helps Us Cope with Radical Uncertainty.
Habits vs. Goals: A Look at the Benefits of a Systematic Approach to Life.
Time Management Won’t Save You
Employees Are Learning to Make Automation Work for Them.
Ravi Pal
Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.
—Dwight D. Eisenhower
That’s it! Thanks for reading, have a good week and see you here next Monday.
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Piers Campbell

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