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September newsletter - A month of brain health

September newsletter - A month of brain health
By Aparna Joshi • Issue #5 • View online
Our most precious gift is our brain. No other materialistic gift can even come close to what brain’s capable of. With the use of brain, we learn, think, and create. We even experience all the joy’s of the world because the brain is capable of perceiving it. It allows us to innovate, grow, and accomplish.
However, such an amazing organ is neglected often, limiting is capabilities. We often think of what dress to wear, how to look slim, how to fit into a skirt. But, we seldom think about how to empower our brains to do more. How to grow our intelligence and think clearly? What foods do we eat to enrich our brains.
The leading brain doctor, Dr. Daniel Amen says that brain is malleable, and that it can be changed to improve our life both physically and mentally. When he looked at the brain scans of 100s of people he realised that, people under depression, unhealthy food habits and an apologetic lifestyle had bad brain. The kinda brain that couldn’t work well, or think and respond faster. Our brain consumes a vast amount of energy we feed ourselves daily and hence the doctor suggests that we gotta carefully consider what type of energy we feed into it.
Join hands with me by making September a month where we truly care for our brain. Feed it with positive thoughts, eat foods with vast amounts of omega3 fatty acids, and live a healthy lifestyle with a beautiful bright smile. Welcome to September 2020, and I wish you all a month of healthy and happy brain.

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