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July newsletter - A month of no excuses

July newsletter - A month of no excuses
By Aparna Joshi • Issue #2 • View online
Excuses!!! We often make excuses for the choices we make, whether that choice is to start a task or skip it. Our justifications originate from an external source, and these excuses limit the sense of what we can and can’t do. It even defines what goes on the top of our priorities. Many a time, we provide excuses to others, it could be to our manager providing a reason for not completing the work. This excuse could also be to the friend, for not attending a party. However, the person whom we give most excuses to is ourselves. 
  1. It started raining, due to which I can’t go to the gym today.
  2. Just one last day of this binge-watching, I could work on my project tomorrow.
  3. One last time I will forgive my boyfriend for disrespecting me, he would be respectful toward me next time.
Heard these voices in your head? I know I have. The thing about making excuses for yourself is that you always know the truth. You always know when you are procrastinating, you would be aware of the lie you are telling yourself. That inner voice in your head speaks to you, makes you doubt your choices if they are due to your excuses. But sometimes, we repeat these excuses to ourselves so many times, its size and effect increase masking the reality, diminishing our capabilities. 
Every habit forms because we practiced it consistently for a while, it also includes breaking our habit of making excuses. Today, I urge you all to take a small oath, an oath to break your non-consequential excuse for the day. Continue it for a week by stopping yourself before making any decision, think through carefully to determine whether the decision you are about to make is dependent on an excuse, maybe try to extend this habit throughout this month.
Join hands with me by making July a month of no excuses. Welcome to July 2020, I pray and hope you all have a fantastic and healthy month. 

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