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August Newsletter - A month of no self-doubts

August Newsletter - A month of no self-doubts
By Aparna Joshi • Issue #4 • View online
Our limits are only determined by the limitations we put ourselves under.
We often doubt our abilities, whether it is the matter of performing a new task, or it is about discovering new limits. We often think of all possible negative scenarios that might play out before even trying to do anything new. Many times, we even convince ourselves that one such negative scenario would lead to the final demise of our plans, ultimately giving up hopes of achieving anything new even without trying it.
Why do we doubt our abilities? We believe in Robert Downey Jr to save the whole world against super-villains but doubt in our abilities to be the best at what we do. Studies show that 68% of people believe that a colleague or a friend can do their job better than themselves. The farther we move from chores confined to our comfort zones, the lesser we have confidence upon its completion. We seek help either from our friends or someone on social media who claims to be an expert in the field. This self-doubt could be arising out of lower self-esteem, or subsequent defeats.
The question is how do we beat it? Think about your childhood, you did not possess worldly knowledge, you did not know the language you are using to read this post. But over a long period, you have accomplished so much. You have tried so many new things, things that seemed extremely scary when you started, but you managed to master it eventually. Keep this going, remind yourself of all the hard tasks you conquered over the years.
Never let your defeats or other’s victories subject you to self-doubt.
Join hands with me by making August a month of no self-doubts. You are amazing, you are born to achieve greatness, and you deserve only the truest of happiness. Welcome to August 2020, and I wish you all a month of nourishment to your mind, body, and soul.

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