By Anuda Weerasinghe

Visualized Realities of Racial Inequality



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Visualized Realities of Racial Inequality
By Anuda Weerasinghe • Issue #3 • View online

Hello Everyone,
This week I’m sharing this piece, which includes 25 charts/graphs that clearly visualize the startling level of racial inequality present across aspects of economic, social and political life in the US.
Although George Floyd’s brutal death at the end of May and the countless protests that followed have been powerful, these visualizations go well beyond anecdotal evidence to clearly reveal the ever present nature of racial inequalities thus far. I used some racial inequality data in my piece about how COVID-19 is exacerbating inequalities, but the events of the last few weeks have warranted a far more explicit focus on racial inequalities and the impact that this pandemic has had on them. Therefore, I’m working on a couple of pieces that analyze the origins of these inequalities, and the implications that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on racial inequalities thus far.
In the meantime, I wanted to share these visualizations with you because they make it impossible to deny the presence and increase of racial inequalities amidst this pandemic. I won’t spend any time analyzing these graphs because they’re simple enough to do the talking for themselves. But look forward to some blog posts about all this in the coming weeks.
Have a great week!
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Anuda Weerasinghe

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