By Anuda Weerasinghe

Overcoming the Impediments to Financial Inclusion



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Overcoming the Impediments to Financial Inclusion
By Anuda Weerasinghe • Issue #5 • View online
Hello everyone,
For years, development economists have preached that increased levels of financial inclusion is the key to achieving sustainable economic development. Despite this however, and the increasing role that technology can play to facilitate financial inclusion, most developing countries like Sri Lanka have a long way to go in terms of bringing financial services to everyone.
Therefore, this week I’m sharing this lecture by Raghuram Rajan about “the changing paradigm for financial inclusion.” Rajan is an MIT economist that served as the chief economist at the IMF and the governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Although this lecture was made back in July 2016, when he was the governor of the RBI, it contains some valuable insights on the impediments to financial inclusion and potential strategies that could help overcome them that continue to remain relevant four years later.
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Anuda Weerasinghe

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