Transduction - leading transformation - Issue #8



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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
I got my twitter feed working properly this month, so this roundup has even more too much than normal of all the good things I shared this week!
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Top phive of the week
What is work? What’s your definition?
‘Systems Convening’ book launch – webinar
The Human Knot.
What pattern are you stuck in? Are you happy with it?
A schema for better understanding systems leadership and systems change | Systems Community of Inquiry
Software-as-a-Knot. the complexity that prevents change | by Ian Bailey | Jul, 2021 | Medium
The critical role of procurement in public value outcomes
Ethics in public service
The Wrong Conversation | InspGuilfoyle
Queen's lawyers secured amendment to Scottish green energy law — BBC News
Boris Johnson has reneged on his promise to ensure all girls get an education | The Independent
Environmental and social justice
In which we can no longer afford to be efficient | by Catherine Howe | Jul, 2021 | Medium
More brain food
Hot Flashes and Killer Whales: The Evolutionary Advantage of Menopause - YES! Magazine
Vending machines should be the Shopify of physical retail (Interconnected)
Can Welsh Handball Bounce Back From the Brink of Extinction? - Atlas Obscura
Seed Stock – Frank Herbert | Seawrack's Song
Starlink review: dreams, not reality - The Verge
Bob Dylan - Complete Show, Providence, Rhode Island, 11/4/1975
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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor @antlerboy

systems|complexity|cybernetics in public|service|transformation, and stuff...

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