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Transduction - leading transformation - Issue #55

Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
LAST week… [looks like I failed to push ‘publish’!]
need-to-demand and front/back office
18 tips from 18 years in consulting
evens coming up on systems change, the future of work and more
some exciting links from New Local
Purpose from 1943 and polycentric leadership from 2022
Complex systems for the most vulnerable and a proposal for a viable Peruvian state
And - one of the things that please me the most is seeing other people using ‘my’ ideas. Recently a couple of books which I think are genuinely significant seemed to have little bits in them that I don’t think would have been quite the same if it wasn’t for something I’d written, and this week Steve Shorrock did a great piece which flipped my ‘four quadrants of thinking threats’ into positives for ‘the spread of ideas’.
Of course, nothing is any one person’s idea - the two book ‘influences’ were the results of conversation and of a blog post where others contributed more than my original post, respectively, and ‘my’ four quadrants thing came out of a SCiO board meeting. But it is nice to feel that one has had some positive influence - perhaps inspiration to finish my big writing project… one of these days ;-)

Demand management is a very bad idea — think about the need-to-demand curve
On the Spread of Ideas: Four Roles and Four Traps 
18 tips from 18 years in consulting
Teacher Tom: The Cult Of Right And Wrong Answers
Where are the System Leaders? | Systems Leadership, Lessons & Learning
We mapped the 'super-highways' the First Australians used to cross the ancient land
A Ubiquitous Collective Tragedy in Transport
What would it take to reimagine the future of collaborative governance? – Arantzazulab
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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor @antlerboy

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