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Transduction - leading transformation - Issue #51

Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
First ‘proper’ newsletter in two weeks as I was extremely ill last weekend (48 hours in bed with a bad stomach, including hallucinatory fever dreams about problematic consultancy projects that turned out to be just Category Theory - but I wasn’t really completely happy with that or confident - and now I will never know :-( )… and I shared my upcoming systems events instead.
(Note the Systems Change Alliance events have been postponed a month or so).
I also see an interesting connection now between my two most recent ‘big’ posts, below!
Content warning: US school shootings, Israeli forces shooting journalists, corrupt politicians, deontology.
public | service | transformation
systems | complexity | cybernetics
tweets and tribulations
our own private hell
evil from all over the world
a much-needed interlude
brain relief
It’s… a lot. What do it all add up to? Why do I?
and - if you make it all the way to the end, the definition of consciousness and the meaning of life.

What is success and what is failure on LinkedIn? In business? In life?
Do things fit into neat categories?
More monkeys and bananas in organisation
Apportunity 2022 — the solutions platform
systems change, convening, practice, leadership, sustainability, chat… SIX systems events coming up presented or facilitated by Benjamin Taylor Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of | 2 of 100
public | service | transformation
Queen’s Speech: an ambitious plan hampered by omissions | Room 151
MaccaS_Rants on Twitter: "Flag shaggers mad at Scousers booing the national anthem, apparently hate benefit scroungers.
A Movement That’s Quietly Reshaping Democracy For The Better | NOEMA
CRESR SHU on Twitter: "Thanks to our research, #socialprescribing has been rolled out by the NHS across England,
Dr Shan Hussain 💙 on Twitter
Improvement Hub on Twitter: "@CPI @Iriss & @HIS have produced ‘Human Learning Systems-A practical guide for the curious’.
Dr Tammy Boyce on Twitter: "This is great news from ICS in Cheshire and Merseyside.
Simon Bottery on Twitter: "Excellent @andrewbillen interview. Jaw dropping to see @Jeremy_Hunt say
systems | complexity | cybernetics
Ludwig Wittgenstein's war on philosophy - UnHerd
Systems convening, systems thinking, and systems practice with Ben Taylor | Q Community
Ethan Mollick on Twitter: "I get that human biology is complicated (see the Roche biochemical pathway charts here:
Graham Leicester 雷思达 on Twitter: "Join the IFF Community Hub
Assessing assumptions about boundaries with critical systems heuristics – Integration and Implementation Insights
tweets and tribulations
our own private hell
So glad not to be in England for the Jubilee
Henry Dyer on Twitter: 👀👀👀
Adam Bienkov on Twitter
MI6 ROGUE  🇺🇦 on Twitter
Adam Bienkov on Twitter
Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: "<sigh> Imagine trying to do business in this world‽
Absurd tax rules must be scrapped before HMRC claims any more victims
Damning new Partygate photo of No10 leaving do where staff were told 'the bar's open!' - Mirror Online
NHS Million 💙 on Twitter: "Prof Van Tam showing the backbone that we have desperately needed to see over the past week
TonyM on Twitter: "… "
Tristan Kirk on Twitter: "The owner of an Old Kent Road restaurant was prosecuted & fined £1760 over a Nov '20 'leaving do'
David Higham on Twitter: "That’s quite the interview with Peter Hennessy in the FT.
Raw sewage in rivers to go unchecked | News | The Times
The New Statesman on Twitter: "UK growth has been hit by "Brexit"
Mike Galsworthy 🇺🇦 on Twitter
Disaster charity drafted in to rescue lorry drivers stuck in post-"Brexit" queues - Mirror Online
Stephen Kinnock on Twitter: "There are growing security concerns about the Conservative Party taking £millions from donors with links to the Kremlin.
evil from all over the world
The faces from China’s Uyghur detention camps
KB #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 on Twitter
'They were shooting directly at the journalists': New evidence suggests Shireen Abu Akleh was killed in targeted attack by Israeli forces
Seth Goldman on Twitter: "Today’s announcement by Coca-Cola that they will be discontinuing @HonestTea is a gut punch
mattparlmer 🪐🌷 on Twitter: "… "
philip lewis on Twitter
Ted Cruz has enforced more rules on dildos than assault rifles | indy100
much-needed interlude
brain relief
PVFFIN on Twitter: "The Ancient Greek temple was born out of wood, before stone.
How Wittgenstein might ‘solve’ both philosophy and quantum physics | Aeon Essays
Ivo Velitchkov on Twitter: ""My proofs seemed more like arguments than irrefutable calculations.
Teacher Tom: A Method Of Learning, Not Teaching
Liminality - Wikipedia
Matthew McCormack on Twitter: "On my bike ride this morning
Do the Baltimore Orioles eat jelly with ants in it?
Jessica Flack on Twitter: "I was reminded today after watching a video of an orca reconciliation of one of my all time favorite photographs.
Norway, the Once and Future Georgist Kingdom – SLIME MOLD TIME MOLD
Deconstructing Konstrakta: the Artist must be analysed
All the Best Things About Europe with None of the Genocide
Lisa Beth Older on Twitter: "“When I am finishing a picture, I hold some God-made object up to it
Charlotte Jakab-Hall 💙 RN on Twitter: "People don’t know true discomfort
Jay Hulme on Twitter: "I went on retreat to a mansion in the middle of the Welsh countryside.
Jason Stanley on Twitter: "Titus Kaphar took a painting that used to be on the wall of Yale’s Corporation room,
Perpetua Hughes on Twitter: "36-year-old male flight attendant with macular lesions on his face and arms.
Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
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