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Transduction - leading transformation - Issue #50

Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
Meta-rationality, anti-war, systems thinking deep dive on Carbon Capture for the Systems Change Alliance, hosting the Public Sector Show, a system approach to identifying vulnerability, ‘levelling up’ - or not (and arguments against), a reality check on social care reform, a car for the Crown and no cooking and budgeting, an unmuffled scooter, the address with the most lawbreaking, and more and more…

Top x of the week
What is meta-rationality?
Are you anti-war, or pro-peace?
I’m running a systems thinking deep dive at this conference - join if you can!
Systems Change Alliance on Twitter
I’m hosting this - please come along! (It’s free)
Public Sector Show 2022 - Conference Agenda - 23rd June
Not sure why this popped again in my Revue feed, but perhaps there’s a reason…
How do you deal with unreasonable demands at work – when there’s no way out?
public | service | transformation
If Boris Johnson really cared about 'levelling up' he'd give more power and money to local councils
Jack Shaw on Twitter
tom jordan🔶️ on Twitter
Social model of disability | Disability charity Scope UK
Martin Rosenbaum on Twitter
Brent Toderian on Twitter
Liam Thorp on Twitter
Ivo Velitchkov on Twitter
Cost of Living Crisis, House Prices, Universal Credit: Most of UK Is Not ’Levelling Up’
Ed Hammond on Twitter
Dr Usman Khan on Twitter
Why can’t we talk the same language, when it’s so important?
systems | cybernetics | complexity
Electromagnetism – Maxwell’s Laws – YouTube
HvF’s Ethical Imperative:
june holley on Twitter
The Kihbernetics Institute on Twitter Limits and Beyond: 50 years on from The Limits to Growth, what did we learn and what’s next? eBook : Bardi, Ugo, Alvarez Pereira, Carlos: Books
old man shakes fist at cloud - 'Nolan principles!'
Jay Rayner on Twitter
Immigration officials created network that can spy on majority of Americans, report says
Levelling up will fail amid Johnson’s chaos | Local Government Chronicle (LGC)
Boris Johnson fails to comply with order to release Evgeny Lebedev peerage warning - The Poke
‘Devastating’ social care shortages leave more than 500,000 adults waiting for help | The Independent
🇺🇦 Lord Sir Jon of R on Twitter
KEENLondon on Twitter
Read Becoming Abolitionists by Derecka Purnell on Twitter
Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
Jack Shaw on Twitter
UAE loots Awam temple’s antiquities in Yemen's Marib
Sam Freedman on Twitter
Muska Dastageer on Twitter
Derek Thompson on Twitter
the funnies
mind expansion
How Migrating Birds Use Quantum Effects to Navigate - Scientific American
The Mysterious Disappearance of a Revolutionary Mathematician | The New Yorker
Teacher Tom: If Compliance Is The Goal, Carry On
About those kill-switched Ukrainian tractors | by Cory Doctorow | May, 2022 | Medium
Remembrance Day
Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: "Interesting story. Good for them!… "
How Queer Was Ludwig Wittgenstein? | The New Yorker
How Art Creates Parallel Universes —
How Bend It Like Beckham went from benchwarmer to blockbuster
Experiments with LIVING SLIME have jaw dropping results! - BBC
The midlife crisis isn't real, so middle-aged men should relax if they want a sports car
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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor @antlerboy

systems|complexity|cybernetics in public|service|transformation, and stuff...

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