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Transduction - leading transformation - Issue #48

Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
A high entropy edition with a high amount of valuable signal… many thanks to Sin Lu Tan who kept these newsletters and my LinkedIn/blog/Medium postings much better organised for these last few weeks!

Why can’t we talk the same language, when it’s so important?
Place-based methodologies in transdisciplinary research – Integration and Implementation Insights
Taking Michael Garfield to Task: The Future of Fossils like Jim Rutt
Forgiving Design vs. the Forgiveness of Slow Speeds
The Church Forests of Ethiopia
Heroes — 7 x 7 Archetypes. So whether you’re telling a story… | by Grey Swan Guild | Medium
Archaeology Magazine on Twitter: "#FBF: In eastern Serbia, strip miners unearthed a well-preserved flat-bottomed ship, likely dating to the Roman period, that was built for navigating the shallow waters of what was once a tributary of the Danube.…"
What Gets Measured… | Julian Stodd's Learning Blog
Adam Bienkov on Twitter: "Allowing the government's own Brexit deal to be fully implemented "would have been an act of self harm," says Jacob Rees-Mogg."
David Nutt on Twitter: "remarkable impact of vaping to stop USA kids smoking - despite the anti-vape media hysteria - just like @Drug_Science predicted in 2014"
Will women leaders change the future of management? | Financial Times
Mark O'Neill on Twitter: "Every story on the front page of today’s Sunday Telegraph is utterly hatstand but this is the key one. This is “cones hotline” territory and a clear sign of impending collapse. Sympathy with civil servants trying to get on with work in this madness.…"
24th April 1932: Kinder Scout mass trespass.Militant action & the right to roam | Kmflett's Blog
Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: "This is why I'm proud to be a Fellow of @GoodGovernInst The #FestivalOfGovernance2022 is on 'good governance because #fairer is better' You can find out more and register to be at the top of the list here: #nolanprinciples"
The Navvies. The men who built Britain’s railways… | by John Welford | Medium
221 – Self-Immolation (w/ Brent Cooper) – srsly wrong
How are you doing on the eight aspects of commissioning?
Sue Mckenzie on Twitter: "Visited libraries in Ireland last week for our work on the new national strategy. Some stunning and sustainable buildings from our travels. We were so impressed and a bit jealous….#libraries…"
Stone Age Herbalist on Twitter: "The story of Russian Orthodoxy among Native Americans is largely unknown, despite being a tale of shipwrecks, martyrs, determined scholars and Native warriors. So a thread:…"
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Benjamin P Taylor
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