Transduction - leading transformation - Issue #44



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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
I’m on leave (umm… ‘working holiday’) - so a special ‘randomised’ version this week. Your version is unique to you, randomly generated like the Subbuteo Rugby Scrum simulator (pictured) - so assume that all serendipities are perfectly arranged by the universe for you :-)

The Subbuteo Scrum Simulator - the ball goes in, but where will it come out?
The Subbuteo Scrum Simulator - the ball goes in, but where will it come out?
Announcing two ‘new’ podcasts… coming soon! (With bonus puppy pics)
Understanding Local Government
Justin🦩Boldaji on Twitter
Paul Brand on Twitter
Adam Bienkov on Twitter
What are viruses for? | OUPblog
How can safaris help us design better outcomes? | by noelito | Mar, 2022 | Medium
Consuming the world - by Tom Graves - Small Changes
Motive Future on Twitter
Dight65 on Twitter
Tom Peters on Twitter
Trung Phan on Twitter
Read Becoming Abolitionists by Derecka Purnell on Twitter
Ivo Velitchkov on Twitter
Mark Pack 🔶 on Twitter
TikTok thinks periods are icky
Simon Bottery on Twitter
Paul B | Reform democratic system of UK on Twitter
Tübingen: Europe's fiercely vegan, fairy-tale city - BBC Travel
Kimberley Crofts on Twitter: "Love this illustrated map of existing and emerging design disciplines from Kirsten Moegerlein's PhD 'Designing in Transition: 
Towards Intimacy in Ecological Uncertainty'…"
Danny Morrison on Twitter
Pushkar on Twitter
XR Wandsworth ⏳ on Twitter
Maria Pevchikh on Twitter
Maria Pevchikh on Twitter
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ceg_7® on Twitter
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Archaeology & Art on Twitter
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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor @antlerboy

systems|complexity|cybernetics in public|service|transformation, and stuff...

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