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Transduction - leading transformation - Issue #37

Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
This week
Dark patterns
Untidy farming
Upcoming meetup
Looking out for liars
Levelling up and the climate crisis (not)
Help us support adult social care commissioners
Experience your relationship with systems and power
Why public service transformation conversations are getting old
Your brain does not process information and it is not a computer
Context recognition, First Nations thinking in systems, and the Frame Problem
The person whose understanding of the disease matters most is really the patient
Why government commitments to ‘scrap red tape’ are pretty much meaningless
When second-order cybernetics sheds light on societal impacts of Big Data
The Future of Work is Not Corporate — It’s DAOs and Crypto Networks
What can impact investment contribute to race equity?
Cinderella services and their rotating Ministers
Was Design Thinking Designed To Not Work?
Populism, incompetence, and PAC reports
Systemic race issues in Whitehall
Is the UK already in food crisis?
Sexist kid’s clothes
Ancient trees
Is Teams polluting Zoom?
The power of the magic circle
The ancient roots of Paisley Pattern
Why the Queen should be more careful with her pictures
Long-term directionality in origination of human mutation
How to get sent to prison for tweeting
The mess of UK company registration
The Other Face of Sincere Irony
Famous people I have (not) met
Why the Tiger is Orange
A prophecy fulfilled
Potato milk
And a humpback whale playing with a dolphin
Also, whales have memes!

Top phive of the week
Pathological liars: they’re out there, and we keep giving them power
Five worlds practices for systems transformation | Meetup
public | service | transformation
helengou on Twitter: "OK, it's crude. But Ctrl F across 332 pages reveals a lot.… "
systems | complexity | cybernetics
organisational development / transformation
Alexey Guzey on Twitter: "I used to sleep the normal 7.5 hours a day. Over the last 180 days I have slept an average of 5 hours 57 minutes per day. So, after 2 years of experimentation and occasional deep dives into the scientific literature, here are my theses on sleep:"
procurement AND commissioning
ethics in public service
environmental and social justice
What can impact investment contribute to race equity?
Black civil servant handed six-figure payout amid warning of ‘systemic’ race issues in Whitehall | The Independent
Lakota Man on Twitter: "Celebrating the birth of a baby white buffalo, born into a herd belonging to the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. "
Kate Long on Twitter: "Strap in for a thread about the hugely sexist messaging on children's clothing at @Primark. "
Rare and ancient trees are key to a healthy forest | Science | AAAS
Earth Restored — Toby Ord
more brain food
Ask a Librarian, contact us with your question
Potato milk arrives on UK supermarket shelves to rival oat and soya drinks - Nottinghamshire Live
Steve Stewart-Williams on Twitter: "Why are tigers so conspicuously colored? Doesn't it give them away to prey?"
Magic circles - by Gordon Brander - Subconscious
Study uncovers first evidence of long-term directionality in origination of human mutation, challenging neo-Darwinism
Flat above a West Country takeaway is home to 761 Chinese firms as money-laundering fears mount
Highway Code myths and misinformation | Cycling UK
Data-Driven Decision Making cartoon | Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne
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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor @antlerboy

systems|complexity|cybernetics in public|service|transformation, and stuff...

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