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Transduction - leading transformation - Issue #36

Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
What I most want to draw your attention to is some work we’re doing with the LGA - if you are involved in Commissioning, please see below and get in touch!

Supporting strategic commissioning
Supporting Adult Social Care Commissioners – Strategic Commissioning Options Appraisal
Working on behalf of the LGA, the Public Service Transformation Academy and RedQuadrant are developing materials to provide a useful (free!) tool to support adult social care commissioners in their strategic thinking.
We need your help! We are seeking input from relevant experts across the sector. If you have thoughts about adult social care commissioning, please give us your details here or contact, or on 07887 442487, or or 07931317230.
We aim to do two key things:
1)     Support commissioner to go through a clear process to obtain relevant information to help them understand the landscape – their current situation and key goals
2)     Use this data and understanding to select the right commissioning approach for their situation and goals (place-based, outcome-based etc) taking everything into account
We want to learn from all the previous work in this space to produce something really valuable for commissioners and all the stakeholders affected by commissioning. This will be freely available for the whole of local government to use (and to anyone else who finds it useful).
How to engage:
  • Complete our questionnaire here to provide information and ideas, or put yourself forward for a one-to-one interview, focus group, or a deep dive into a council’s commissioning approach
  • Join our fortnightly open working sessions, starting on Wednesday 9 February, 2-3:30pm – sign up here
We welcome input from all commissioning stakeholders – as well as adult social care commissioners and others directly involved, we’re looking for input from suppliers, care users and representatives, partner organisations, local authority finance directors and chief executives, health organisations and others with a perspective.
Please direct any questions, queries, or other comments
(As we are using various means to get this out there as widely as possible, you might see this message more than once – apologies if so)
top phive of the week
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Can you see the courtly rituals still at work in our organisations and management?
Five worlds practices for systems transformation | Meetup
systems | complexity | cybernetics
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Jonathan Portes on Twitter: "Deja vu all over again. Here's a 10 point plan for "levelling up" (@IPPR, 2004). Any of this sound familiar?… "
The Complexities of food supply
Kathy Evans on Twitter: "What a packed session we had with the Lords #PublicServices Committee.... and I didn't even get the chance to share our EIGHT PRINCIPLES for radical reform in service commissioning and procurement.... so here they are (thread)…"
Come and co-create Services Week 2022 - Services in government
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JOHN NICOLSON M.P. on Twitter: "The Disinformation Minister appeared before the @CommonsDCMS Committee today.
Martin Stanley on Twitter: "This (from @PrivateEyeNews) reports vile bullying of a civil servant by Paul Dacre.… "
Meet the Hidden Architect Behind America's Racist Economics
David Higham on Twitter: "Sometimes you really don't want to brief the inner workings of the Government to the media. I guess there'll be a lot of gongs for "political services".…"
environmental and social justice
Camden Renewal Commission Report launched by Camden Council | UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose - UCL – University College London
more brain food
John Humphrey Noyes on Twitter: "Mathematically speaking, it is very unlikely that any virus with an R0 greater than 3 becomes endemic. Two years of letting 'er rip has failed to introduce any sort of regularity beyond period halving of the time before waves. Mathematically, that's an incredibly bad sign.…"
I live with 28 other men — and my wife. The power of connection changed everything for me - ABC News
Emma Mitchell 💙 on Twitter
In Defense of Adam McKay's Don't Look Up: A Metamodern Reading - What Is Metamodern?
"When we remove the idea that we're there to fix someone's problems, and focus instead on the importance of relationships, we often find we do have something to offer — and that we'll gain something beautiful in return."
AI-generated Valentine's Cards
1995 Francois Jullien, The Propensity of Things
Isobel Hunter MBE on Twitter: "Did you know that London has more public libraries than any other major city in the world? Let's say that again: in the whole wide world!!…"
How Claude Shannon Helped Kick-start Machine Learning
The Funeral (Nkosi Sikelel' Iafrika) (September 25, 1987)
David Byrne, the Artist, Is Totally Connected – The New York Times
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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor @antlerboy

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