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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
Things seem to be getting busy in my work (in all dimensions). And the work we’re doing at both the Public Service Transformation Academy and RedQuadrant is really interesting, worthwhile stuff - evaluations of critical programmes around domestic abuse, mentoring for heads of library services, feasibility studies for community hubs, inclusive commissioning, continual improvement capability building, action learning, culture shaping… it’s exciting, and for the first time it feels like activity in the sector is back to January 2020 levels. So there’s lots of public sector, RedQuadrant, and PSTA content today :-)
And, um, there’s a lot in general this week.. but it’s all fascinating and important :-)

Top phive of the week
Get involved! The Public Service Transformation Academy will be holding open sessions on supporting approaches to strategic commissioning in adult care.  
The PSTA is currently working on a project to provide structure to adult social care commissioners to develop their strategic approach. 
We are interested in hearing from all parties. If you’d like to share your experience or ideas to inform a free, open, local-government-wide tool and learning community.   
There are several different ways that you could get involved. We are looking for interviewees, case studies and focus group attendees. 
 We are also planning to create an open learning community. This will meet for the first time on the afternoon of Wednesday 9 February and will meet fortnightly on four more occasions. 
Thriving in the space of service – for consultants, coaches, facilitators, business partners…
RedQuadrant tool shed and Leading Transformation offers 
We offer two ways for you to learn all our skills and approaches:  
Significant discounts of 20% are available to those in our newsletter readers– just ask. If you would like to join the next cohort then please contact, 07887 442487. 
Top Issues Facing Govt In Implementing Digital, Data and Technology strategies. | by Emma Stace | Jan, 2022 | Medium
Ian Makgill on Twitter: "For those of us in the UK that don’t have these physical reminders of the holocaust, I strongly recommend following @AuschwitzMuseum who’s daily tweets provide a living memorial to the victims. #HMD2021…"
public | service | transformation
Programmes from the Public Service Transformation Academy
The PSTA is launching several programmes at the moment – get in touch if you are interested in participating. We are currently recruiting for: 
If you want to know more about any of these programmes, please contact, or 07887 442487 
Ali Faruk on Twitter: "A new public library in my area has these work stations for caregivers with babies! Maybe these are common in other places but Ive never seen anything like this before.…"
Stronger Things 2022 - Community Power: The Movement Grows - New Local
Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter - what do the public care about?
systems | complexity | cybernetics
3D Abductive Thinking / Grounding 2D Meta-Fluff on Twitter
Bev and Etienne Wenger-Traynor - Jan 2022 - SCiO Open Mtg
What is Cybernetics? Conference by Stafford Beer – YouTube
The Reality War – by N.S. Lyons – The Upheaval (2021)
organisational development / transformation
Collaborative Commissioning
ethics in public service
AJR Refugee Voices Archive on Twitter: "Just don't even begin to think of anyone else as 'the other'."
Amy 🦓 on Twitter: "I had almost forgotten how horrendous the public health ad campaigns were in March 2020… "
Nusrat Ghani: PM orders Cabinet Office to investigate 'Muslimness' claim - BBC News
Michael Otsuka on Twitter: "👀Orwellian red-underlined command from the govt's latest HE guidance👇. Even if this is assessed as too risky, based on best evidence & analysis, we must pretend that everything is now as it was before the pandemic. Ignorance is strength. (@ucu)…"
🌍 Remote Work Academy 🚀 on Twitter: "This photo was taken in the London metro before the pandemic. On a normal day during rush hour, as people commuted to the office in the morning. It was their daily routine. This is the "old normal" many leaders want to go back to. A thread 👇…"
Dr Mike Galsworthy on Twitter: "When told about civilian deaths in Yemen, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson....
Firms Employing MPs Won £1.1 Billion in Contracts During Pandemic – Byline Times
environmental and social justice
A function map of the food supply landscape
Brent Toderian on Twitter - regreening cities
Alex Bozikovic on Twitter
Genuine involvement requires a re-balance of decision-making power
more brain food
Ethan Mollick on Twitter - the hottest and coldest places in the universe
JF Martel on Twitter: ""The house doesn't shelter us from cosmic forces; at most it filters and selects them." - Deleuze & Guattari (image: Paul Klee, Three Houses)…"
i had a ben shapiro/jordan peterson phase... and i'm glad i did
The Conspiracy Chart TikTok Compilation
The Poetry of the Lavender Label | Going Green with Lisa Bronner
Alex Selby-Boothroyd on Twitter: "I'm at a conference about data communication. How much is too much data? This lift has the answer… "
Emmanuel Quartey on Twitter: "How do you design a 100-year home in Accra? This thread distills 2+ years of learning Full floor plans, material choices, and design decisions we made in pursuit of a beautiful, adaptable family home ❤️🏡#QHome (1/n)…"
David Holz on Twitter: "FPV from a penguin is a reminder of all the living experiences we've yet to imagine… "
hollyonthehill on Twitter - the beauty of nature's patterns
Matthew Highton on Twitter - Spice Girls Melange
Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter
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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor @antlerboy

systems|complexity|cybernetics in public|service|transformation, and stuff...

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