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Transduction - leading transformation - Issue #31

Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
Some of my highlights from the last week and a few bits from issue 14 back in September (a short one, as I was enjoying my first holiday in 18 months).
This is a bit lower-effort again, as I am now triple-jabbed (with the ‘powerful’ AZ and Pfizer combo) thanks once again to the generosity and organisational effectiveness of the Serbian government - and already feeling rough.
To end the year business-wise a tender loss by 1.39%, again with no pitch or interview. I honestly feel public sector procurement has got a lot more unpredictable recently! But I am broadly quite optimistic and excited by what 2020-two has to offer, I’m looking forward to taking RedQuadrant forward in exciting new ways, the Public Service Transformation Academy is going well, systems | complexity | cybernetics grows in prominence and some things in that space and in my ‘meta-consulting’ work are looking promising.
I hope you have a wonderful New Year and enjoy all the fruits of your labours in 2022…

Top phive of the week
How are you experiencing what your customers experience?
Self-love can make you blind
Poor Service Isn’t Always An Accident. It’s Often By Design – Paul Taylor
Is there a better way? – chosen path
I am, apparently, an androgynous shading feminine thinker
public | service | transformation
Teacher Tom: This Really Hard, Messy, Emotional Work
Efficiency – who’s judging? | NAO blog
UBERIFICATION … NHS mental health therapists pressurised to exaggerate success rates, expert claims | The Independent | arthur~battram…
Service fragmentation in social services - how can ecosystem orchestrators and outcomes contracts help?
Resurgence • Article - Humanising the 'Machinery' of Care
systems | complexity | cybernetics
The Liminal Web w/ Joe Lightfoot
Free Energy Principle – Serious Science
{complex [systems} theory]
ethics in public service
environmental and social justice
The Future of Transportation Is Not the Hyperloop or the Self-Driving Car. It’s the Bus, the Bike, and the Elevator.
A “big push” to lift people out of poverty | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
more brain food
99-Million-Year-Old Fossil Flower Found Encased in Burmese Amber
Ray Douglas on Twitter
The virtual, in-game library sneaks news past government censorship and features work from journalists who have been jailed, exiled, or even killed.
Pharoah Sanders - Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt
Rumer - Long Long Day
The Orange Funk compilation
Paul Simon - Late in the Evening (Official Audio)
Ryuichi Sakamoto’s album Beauty is one of the most beautiful
Every version of Diabaram is beautiful
Moncef Genoud - Diabaram (Live in Montreux, 2007)
thinking about Desmond Tutu
Tribute to Desmond Tutu
Thinking about Graceland
I have a specific memory of the Christmas after Graceland came out, decorating the tree and the living, me and my brother both in our pyjamas and highly flammable nylon dressing room, supervised by my mum. My dad comes back from town with a CD for our new CD player, wired to the big box speakers in the living room. It’s Graceland, and it feels like something out of this world, special, and connected to us. I guess thinking about Desmond Tutu also stirred this memory, but I often remember it at this time of year.
The history of Graceland is rich, complex, and fraught with allegations and politics.
The Kleptones – Hectic City Hectic City 15 - Paths To Graceland - The Kleptones - Hectic City
Traditional Mbaqanga Music by Ichwane Lebhaca
My Baby She's Gone
[imaginary] Accordion Jive Hits Vol II - The Secret of Paul Simon's Graceland?
The Boyoyo Boys - Back in Town
Malcolm Mclaren Presents Double Dutch.wmv
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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor @antlerboy

systems|complexity|cybernetics in public|service|transformation, and stuff...

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