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Transduction - leading transformation - Issue #29

Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
This week with a few excerpts from issue 12, from back in September…

Top phive of the week
Here is my theory of tomato inflation and latte carcinisation
public | service | transformation
systems | complexity | cybernetics
Turning the stone: embedding systems thinking in the everyday | by Oliver Standing | School of System Change | Dec, 2021 | Medium
Mapping for Emergence – Emerge
Complex Change in a Complex Environment | Debbie Sorkin
The Cybernetic Ethos of Cryptocurrencies – Doria (2020)
UK Level 7 Systems thinking practitioner apprenticeship / Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education
organisational development / transformation
The Convoluted Mess of The Hybrid Workplace – Paul Taylor
ethics in public service
Why some of the smartest people can be so very stupid | Psyche Ideas
environmental and social justice
The patriarchy is dead ... but the kyriarchy lives on | Nichi Hodgson | The Guardian
Philip Agre predicted technology’s pitfalls and then he disappeared - The Washington Post
more brain food
Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: "Wait, is *that* what people mean by 'sensemaking'? Dealing with the unknown? I... guess? But for me, it's recasting the known as the unknown, and going from there... Sensemaking"
So You Think That There is a Mind-Independent Physical Reality...
Metaphors of Change
Could it be that life didn't spawn from just one ancient microorganism? | SYFY WIRE
Tree blind mice
You Don’t Have a Lizard Brain – Daniel Toker
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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor @antlerboy

systems|complexity|cybernetics in public|service|transformation, and stuff...

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