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Transduction - leading transformation - Issue #18

Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor
Another long one this week - there’s so much interesting and important stuff around!
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Top phive of the week
Transduction – a powerful and important concept that few have heard of
Tackling violence against women and girls in London - RedQuadrant working with the London Lord Mayor’s Office for Crime and Policing (MOPAC) - Co-operative Councils Innovation Network
Somerset Commissioning Academies - The Public Service Transformation Academy working with Somerset County Council - Co-operative Councils Innovation Network
Can you find the unlocking insight?
systems | complexity | cybernetics
Lisa McNulty – Postrat Reading List | Zotero
Russell Ackoff ‘on ‘POSIWID”
Analogy as the Core of Cognition – Douglas Hofstader (2001)
James Howe 🐭 on Twitter
The Many Careers of Jay Forrester – by Peter Dizikes, 2015
public | service | transformation
Garbage odyssey: San Francisco's bizarre, costly quest for the perfect trash can - Mission Local
Organisational development / transformation
Bob Garratt probably coined 'the learning organisation'
Designing Hybrid Workshops – Acuity Design
GGI’s reaction to the NHS leadership review | Good Governance Institute | Good Governance
Framing the crisis - noelito - Medium
Ethics in public service
A federal ICAC must end the confusion between integrity questions and corruption
McKinsey and the capacity of business for evil – the once-chosen path
Fury as 26 Met police colleagues of Wayne Couzens committed sex crimes since 2016 - Mirror Online
Sarah Ludford 🔶🇬🇧🇪🇺 on Twitter
Revolting-Subject on Twitter
Juliette / SussexDetective 🇫🇷 on Twitter
Britain is trying to shrink its way to prosperity. It doesn’t work. – Freethinking Economist
Environmental and social justice
The 'messy' alternative to tree-planting - BBC Future
More brain food
Column: Yola and Fingalian – the forgotten ancient English dialects of Ireland
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Benjamin P Taylor
Benjamin P Taylor @antlerboy

systems|complexity|cybernetics in public|service|transformation, and stuff...

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