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links links links

links links links

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Link Nexus for November

uh-oh, i've once again waited too long to poast links and they piled up. will futilely attempt to keep the commentary to a minimum to save space


Link Nexus for October, pt 2

more links for October. cheers


Link Nexus for October

some links for October


Link Nexus for September, pt 2

more links for September? yes. this one is probably going to be clipped if you're reading it in email. i really gotta make these shorter but there's just so many good links to share, what can i do?


Link Nexus for September

some links... for September. too many links (~40), but i just can't help myself


Link Nexus for August

some links, for August. by the way, i probably will start tweeting again at some point. but i've been enjoying being pretty offline recently, so idk when exactly. have a good month, friends.


Link Nexus for July

some links, for July. over 30.. we've gotten backed-up here folks. probably this post will be cut off if you're reading in email. been a busy month for me, so less extended commentary than usual. only links. purify yourself through links.


Link Nexus for June, part 2

more links,, for June


Link Nexus for June

some links... for the first half (third?) of June!


Link Nexus for May, part 2

some links for the second half of May. cheers!


Link Nexus for May

some links for the first half of May


Link Nexus for April pt. 2

some more links for April. i waited too long to post & nearly 30 links piled up 😰


Link Nexus for April

some links & scattered longer takes for April


Link Nexus for March #2

more links for March


Link Nexus for March

some links... for March!


Link Nexus for February, #2

Ashwin Parameswaran on redundancy and degeneracy in systems resilience. really good. in some systems, naive redundancy can paradoxically increase macro-fragility, by allowing failures to silently pile up while preserving core system function. true redundancy …


Link Nexus for February

Caleb Watney & Alec Stapp launched Institute For Progress, their new progress studies-influenced policy think tank. very exciting. three initial focus areas will be metascience, immigration and biosecurityone of their first proposals is for NSF grant lott…


Link Nexus for January

my list of 100 predictions for 2022. in a month or two when all full-year data is out i'll probably do a post evaluating my 2021 predictions


link nexus for December

update on global asteroid defense


Link Nexus for November

SpinLaunch did its first test flight. a really fun & different idea, so i must support on principle. but it's unclear how economically competitive it can really be, even if the tech can scale up. some good twitter discussion & a promo video here