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The truth about the mislead Sanna Marin case, by a finnish journalist

The truth about the mislead Sanna Marin case, by a finnish journalist
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Recently the Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, caused an uproar when her party videos were leaked from a private Instagram account associated with her.

Under-reported and mislead news in international news
Although Sanna Marin’s activities were followed very closely in Finland and every detail was examined, many things were left unreported by foreign news agencies, distorting what the whole affair was about in the first place.
It all started when Sanna Marin’s celebratory videos went viral on social media from her friends private Instagram account. In these videos, Sanna Marin appears to be partying and dancing wildly with some well-known Finnish c-list celebrities.
When these videos started to be investigated on social media and in anonymous image boards by so-called netizens, rumours started to circulate about Sanna Marin’s cocaine use, among other things. These things were never reported in international media.
@SVPhillimore The hashtag #jauhojengi ”flourgang” - which can be heard in the party videos, became a meme, and it’s basically known the c-list celebrities she hangs around are cocaine users. Marin has lost a lot of weight in couple of years.
There is wide speculation of cocaine use in the parties Marin attended to. She took a urine drug test, but after 3 weeks of the event. Cocaine lasts only about a week in the body, so the drug test didn’t actually prove anything.
Many news agencies initially reported that she had been demanded to take a drug test by opposition party leaders, but these claims were later corrected and it was revealed that no one demanded her, but recommended. In practice, the drug test was just propaganda to silence the speculation about cocaine use.

"Woo! This makes me feel so good!"

"Come test it!"

"I made a line!"

How fucking idiots do @Demarit and @MarinSanna think the Finnish people are?

Abroad, they don't even talk about this, but say the uproar was caused because "we got angry at a dancing woman".
Dancing was never the problem.
Although the international media has given the impression that Finland got angry at a “woman who just danced”, this is a very simplified version of what really caused the uproar.
The biggest problem was actually the people the Prime Minister was associated with. Many of these c-list celebrities are known substance abusers.
@ezralevant @MarinSanna It’s not just her ”home”, but the official residence of the Prime Minister of Finland, that holds a significant importance to Finnish democracy!

Marin lied that these photos of c-list celebs were taken inside a bathroom, in fact it’s the press room without security clearance!
In addition to her alleged drug use and constant lying to the press, Sanna Marin was caught behaving very suspiciously with strange men who are not her husband.
@SVPhillimore She was also caught in club, getting neck kissed by the celebrity Olavi Uusivirta, who is not her husband.
Sanna Marin also lied to the press that she was not kissed on the neck, but was whispered in the ear, which was later revealed to be a lie.
These details are well known in Finland and in the Finnish press, but internationally an image has been given that Finland is some kind of “conservative country where we get angry at women dancing”. This is simply not true, and is part of the propaganda orchestrated by the ruling SDP party to clear Sanna Marin’s name.
Later, Marin appeared to give a speech in which she shed crocodile tears and said that “she is human” and “deserves light and joy too”. At no point did Marin actually apologise for what had happened, her lies and her behaviour, but the details were spun to protect the image of a young leader who had risen to international acclaim.
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