From an ISIS-mosque to becoming the first somali-born leftist MP in Finland





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From an ISIS-mosque to becoming the first somali-born leftist MP in Finland
By Anter Yasa • Issue #5 • View online
Suldaan Said Ahmed (born 12 February 1993 in Mogadishu) is a Finnish politician and civic activist who has been a member of the Left Alliance as a Member of Parliament since September 2021. He is also a member of Helsinki City Council since 2017. In July 2022, Said Ahmed was appointed as Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto’s Special Representative for Mediation in the Horn of Africa.

"Anti-racist leftist"
Suldaan Said Ahmed, Left alliance MP.
Suldaan Said Ahmed, Left alliance MP.
Once again, the Finnish left-wing parties have turned a jew-hating islamist into a Member of Parliament.
Suldaan Said Ahmed rose to prominence as an “anti-racist” and has presented himself to naive left-wingers in Finland as a “model immigrant”. 
Many of the issues I am going to raise in this newsletter have been known to the Left alliance for years without them intervening. On the contrary, it seems that inviting ISIS imams to his notoriously radical mosque, knowing ISIS terrorists, without warning authorities of their activities and blatantly spending taxpayer money on taxi rides is just a badge of honor for the Finnish leftists.
Inviting islamist hate preachers
Suldaan Said Ahmed promotes and invites known hate preacher Khalid Yasin to his mosque.
Suldaan Said Ahmed promotes and invites known hate preacher Khalid Yasin to his mosque.
“Bismillaah as salaam aleikum to all, sh, Khaled Yasin will be giving the Friday prayer today at the Roihuvuori Mosque or masjid tawhiid, so today the Friday sermon will be given by sh. Khaled Yasin. Welcome. Regards. Helsinki Muslims. Source. The mosque is located at Tulisuontie 1, Roihuvuori. You can take bus 82 from Herttoniemi and Itäkeskus to the front of the mosque building.”
Khalid Yasin (born in 1946), is an American islamists hate preacher and a convert, a former Christian, who lives in Manchester, England and lectures in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.
Yasin frequently travels overseas to spread his radical views and has called himself a “media-bedouin,” remarking that the Bedouins are willing to settle wherever there is a presence of “water and shelter”.
Khalid Yasin is known for preaching hate for jews, christians, ex-muslims, homosexuals and women.
Khalid Yasin is known for preaching hate for jews, christians, ex-muslims, homosexuals and women.
Befriending ISIS-terrorists and never informing the police
When the news about the Finnish ISIS terrorists and their children in Syrian al-Hol camp started circulating in Finland, Suldaan Said Ahmed commented:
“Thank you Finland. I knew the parents of these orphans. We have a lot of work to do as a society. Even one marginalised, radicalised young person is too many.”
Suldaan Said Ahmed indirectly admitted that he knew ISIS terrorists who were preparing a terrorist activity by going from Finland to Syria to join the ranks of the ISIS terrorist organisation. Suldaan Said Ahmed never warned the police about the terrorists he posted on Twitter with heart emojis.
His former mosque was as a known ISIS recruitment site until it was closed
The former Roihuvuori mosque of Said Ahmed was a well-known ISIS recruitment site, from where several Finnish terrorist converts went to Syria and prepared terrorist acts. 
According to the police’s preliminary investigation, the men, who were planning to travel to Syria, got to know each other at the Roihuvuori mosque in Helsinki. The mosque, now located in Malmi, is known as a mosque for converts.
When Finnish journalists visited this mosque, they were met with anti-Semitic comments and hostile behaviour.
- Why don’t you do a story on the Jews? another shouts.
- Our religion is not a circus,“ another chimes in, before walking out with his jacket flapping.
Hostile propaganda of the known former Roihuvuori ISIS Mosque
Hostile propaganda of the known former Roihuvuori ISIS Mosque
The Roihuvuori Mosque, formerly located opposite the Roihuvuori church, earlier put up a large billboard on its wall proclaiming, among other things, that Jesus was a Muslim and that islam is the only true religion. The people of Roihuvuori were once astonished by the hostile public statement.
Anti-semitic hostile posts and behaviour
Like Said Ahmed’s former radical mosque, which is known specifically for its recruitment of radical converts, ISIS and anti-semitism, it comes as no surprise that Suldaan Said Ahmed also embodies such thinking:
“For the Finnish media: there is no Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but a terrorist state called Israel (the Zionist regime) is committing mass murder in Gaza and has killed 2,200 Palestinian civilians in three weeks, most of them children, women and the elderly.”
Said Ahmed wrote on Facebook on his verified profile, that Facebook has checked and deemed to be acceptable on their platform.
Spent the most money on taxi fares of all Finnish MPs
It is not news to Finns that there are many Somali drivers in the taxi industry. Recently, there has been much speculation about how and to which company Suldaan Said Ahmed has spent the most money of all Finnish MPs on taxi rides. Many believe that the MP has favoured rides from his friends and other Somali drivers, and has deliberately spent so much money on fares.
Said Ahmed’s taxi bill (€6 478) was the highest among the representatives.
According to an Iltalehti report, Said Ahmed used the Parliament’s taxi card 212 times between September and March.
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Anter Yasa

Whistleblower, journalist, blogger and a podcast host from Finland writing a newsletter about the things other people dare not. Known for several national exposures. Seen on TV, YouTube and podcasts.

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