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DipsPatch from the City - Rosé All Day Issue #7


DipsPatch from the City

July 11 · Issue #4 · View online
DipsPatch from the City

Since my move to New York City in the summer of 2018, the question I get asked the most is ‘how do you as a Black or West-African / European woman experience the USA?’ That is a great and frankly difficult question that I would like to try to answer with this bi-weekly editorial with curated content from BIPOC writers, experts and media personalities from this incredible, inspiring, difficult and divers country. Through great articles and interviews in combination with own experience, I’ll try to give you some insights thoughts and views on the society and culture around me.
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NY NY Juli 10th 2020
Hey Y'all! Yessssss English it is… Or should I say DipsausEnglish???
For this edition I’m serving you a mix of topics, as always all things Black and Brown. It’s been a weird two weeks. It almost feels as if we are in a bit of a standstill with regarding to mainstream news about the Black Lives Matter Movement, but a lot is going on behind the scenes and politically… More on that in the next edition, since we are nearing one of the most important elections ever. For this edition I’ve tried to keep the content a little rose summery light because we have to keep on keepin’ on right?

Dipsaus featured on the #TheBlackJoyProject in 2017
Dipsaus featured on the #TheBlackJoyProject in 2017
The Black Joy Project — Kleaver Cruz
The 4th of July is a problematic holiday for a lot of people in the USA. For me as a ‘guest’ in this country I feel like I have to honor and respect ‘the tradition’. As a Black woman, it’s difficult to celebrate a country that has been brutally and violently stolen from the Indigenous population, has been built on the blood of millions of Black lives, and still to this day is a country where racism and oppression are part of the business model of this land of the ‘so called’ free…
Writer and Scholar Frederick Douglass asked in July of 1852 ‘what to the Slave is The Fourth of July’. In 2020 his descendants ask almost the same question. Not much of a celebration?
Descendants of Frederick Douglass Mark July 4th by Reciting His Famous Speech That Is as True as Ever Descendants of Frederick Douglass Mark July 4th by Reciting His Famous Speech That Is as True as Ever
Michaela the QUEEN
This amazing woman is not only an incredible writer and actress but she is really changing the game in regards to producing black centric content. As a burgeoning producer myself, it’s inspiring and riveting to read this interview. To center ‘blackness’ in the way she ‘dares’ to do, her ambition to keep control of her art, feels like a whole new and very necessary level in every field of creative work.
Cishet Black men are the white people of Black people
As a Black woman racism is almost always connected to sexism. Or to misogynoir (misogyny directed towards Black women where race and gender both play roles in bias.) treatment.
It’s a painful topic to discuss in general and specifically within our own ‘Black’ communities. There are a lot of layers to analyse in this necessary conversation. Admission is a much needed and important first step. Being Black is dangerous. Being a Black Woman is dangerous on a whole different level. Just as Black men feel every nuance when they are around white people, we feel that too and have had to add to that the normalized danger of being a Black woman in our own community. It’s hopeful to read this article by Damon Young, a great writer and razor sharp culture critic, and a Cishet Black intelectual who looks inside himself, instead of lashing out.
I love Hip Hop but Hip Hop Doesn't Love Me
A painful sentence from an article (or was it a tweet?) from Black Dutch filmmaker Bibi Fadlalla. In my last newsletter I referred to the documentary ‘On Record’ about the misogyny, sexual abuse and assault in the music industry. The #MeToo movement has not been the great equalizer for Black woman. Stories of abuse have been taken less serious coming from Black and brown women. It takes a lot of courage to speak out with so much to loose and so little power, even for a star with the clout of Janelle Monae.
Janelle Monae Lashes Out on the Misogyny & Sexism in Hip-Hop and Wants Them Abolished Janelle Monae Lashes Out on the Misogyny & Sexism in Hip-Hop and Wants Them Abolished
Hot Podcast Tip
What I love about podcasts is getting great information and depth but also being immersed in stories, voices, lives and experiences. I’ve just started listening to Queer Woc Podcast. I love their strength, their mega sharp intellect plus analysis, and their amazing sense of humor!!! #BlackJoy
Queer Women of Color
It's my Birthday and I buy if I want to
I luuuuuuuve handbags, so every year on my birthday I allow myself a treat. It’s been a great and inspiring search to find the most amazing and affordable Black owned handbag companies. Sonique Saturday is one of my favorite designers so far. Really fun designs with a wow factor and prices ranging from $99 to $400 dollars.
Handbag Designer Sonique Saturday Handbag Designer Sonique Saturday
Another year...
Last year I celebrated my birthday in Stockholm with my Dipsaus Sisters Mariam and Ebisse, it was a joy to combine work with a lot (aaaa lottttt) of pleasure! This year I’ll be half quarantining on Roosevelt Island, but we’ll always have Stockholm…
And our playlist. We have to keep on dancing people. We have to!
Noush's Stockholm B'day Weekend '19 - playlist by DIPSAUS | Spotify
Thank you so much for reading. Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas for topics for the next edition!
xoxo Anousha
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