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DipsPatch from the City - Issue #12 Vote Vote Vote!!!


DipsPatch from the City

October 31 · Issue #9 · View online

DipsPatch from the City

Since my move to New York City in the summer of 2018, the question I get asked the most is ‘how do you as a Black or West-African / European woman experience the USA?’ That is a great and frankly difficult question that I would like to try to answer with this bi-weekly DipsPatch from the City with curated content from BIPOC writers, experts and media personalities from this incredible, inspiring, difficult and divers country. Through great articles and interviews in combination with own experience, I’ll try to give you some insights thoughts and views on the society and culture around me.
DipsPatch from the City is a Dipsaus Podcast Production.
Vote vote vote! Well I wish I could. This election is going to be one of the most important and volatile elections ever. What is happening? Is the partisan Postmaster General influencing the election by sabotaging the American Postal Service? Is the GOP really placing fake voting boxes? Are Black Voters being intimidated and mislead? Will Trump’s budget and weaponed Neo Nazi ‘defend’ voting stations? The answers are hell yeah! Sometimes it feels like I’m living in a dystopian underworld movie where Blade Runner meets 1984 with a more diverse cast.
This newsletter I’m trying to make sense of some of all the shizzle and provide some context from the perspective of journalists of color.

Black Vote Safe America
2016 was the 2020 before 2020 when Donald Trump was elected president. How did that happen? Well, part of the story is that less Black people voted than in 2012. The Black Vote is crucial for the Democratic Party even though the love has not been reciprocated. This 2020 Black People, again, are doing all they can to safe America. Standing in line for hours, not responding to intimidation and traveling hours for a polling place. Democracy American style. Let’s hope the Democratic Party will love Black people back this time.
The Color of Voter Suppression Is Black
Something we can hardly imagine in the Netherlands but voter suppression is a real thing in the US. This article takes a deep hard look at all the aspects and it’s frightening.
Guns, lies and ballots set on fire: This is voter suppression in 2020 Guns, lies and ballots set on fire: This is voter suppression in 2020
Women Of Color Are Taking Up Political Space
Wanna change the system from within? Join in but don’t do it on your own. A great op ed on women of color uplifting each other and joining forces. There might still be hope for America.
Inspired by Kamala Harris; Immigrant Women Step Up to Help Others. Inspired by Kamala Harris; Immigrant Women Step Up to Help Others.
The Importance of Early Voting
“Being a citizen doesn’t come free.” Especially in Georgia… Which is now a battleground state for the first time since 1996. Voting and voting early is of utmost importance to turn the red state blue. Gwinnett County, one of the most diverse counties in Georgia, can make a significant difference in the Georgia voting outcome.
One of Georgia's largest and most diverse counties has seen a 238% increase in in-person voting compared to 2016, and that could radically shift the election
Don't Disrespect Shonda Rhimes
A black woman standing up for herself and knowing her worth is still a revolutionary thing to do. Even if you are a billion dollar producer for one of the biggest TV stations of the USA. After being disrespected for “wanting too much”. Super producer and mother of three daughters of color, Shonda Rhimes was done. And not afraid to talk about it. Hear hear!!
Shonda Rhimes on Overcoming Her Fears
We Buy Black
Racism and big Brands have a long history. I remember when Tommy Hilfiger was on the Oprah Show explaining that he had never said this his clothes were not for “Blacks, Jews, Hispanics and Asians.” He said that the false rumour had cost him money and most important his integrity. Speaking of money. Luxury brands generate an approximately 200 billion yearly revenue in the US alone… How much of that revenue comes from Black shoppers?
The Nielsen Company issued a report last year entitled, “It’s in the Bag: Black Consumers’ Path to Purchase,” found that spending by Black consumers is especially influenced by advertising.
The report found, that Black folks love to spend their money on beauty and grooming products, shelling out about $573.6 million on an annual basis for “personal soap and bath needs.” That was about 19 percent higher than any other demographic. Black consumers also like to spend their money at high-end department stores, with 63 percent of Black folks saying in a survey they like to buy from Saks Fifth Avenue, 45 percent at Neiman Marcus (45%) and 24 percent at Bloomingdales.
“More than half (52%) of African Americans find in-store shopping relaxing, compared with 26% of the total population.“ Black shoppers accounted for almost 90% of the overall spending in the beauty supply industry. Does that money trickle back to the black community? Not really….
So how double insulting when Cardi B has to defend her Birkin Habit?! As Audre Lorde stated the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.
Cele|bitchy | Cardi B addresses the idea that her Birkin bag collection is ‘devaluing’ the brand
Black-Owned Watch Brands Rising - The New York Times
Black Owned Businesses in Nederland | We Buy Black
Thank you so much for taking the time. Stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.
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